Another new virus found… Kivira virus confirmed in bats, know how deadly it is?

Another new virus found… Kivira virus confirmed in bats, know how deadly it is?

Scientists have found a new virus in bats from the African countries of Tanzania and the Republic of Congo. its name kivira virus (Kiwira Virus). This Hantavirus is a type of. Hantavirus is usually found in rats which spreads to humans through them. Flu-like symptoms are seen in patients infected with viruses of this group. In severe cases kidney can also fail.

The case of Kivira virus infection has not been found in any human so far. Researchers say that the new virus belongs to the group of Hantavirus. How serious the patient’s condition will be depends on the type of virus. For example, one out of every 3 patients infected with Sin Nombre virus, a type of hantavirus spread in America, dies. At the same time, one out of every 200 patients dies due to Pujamala virus.

How dangerous is the new virus

Dr. Sabrina Weiss, a researcher at Berlin’s Center for International Health Protection, who researches the new virus, says that the free-tailed bats in which it has been found are found in large numbers in sub-Saharan Africa.To what extent Kivira virus can prove to be dangerous for humans, scientists are trying to find out.

According to the report of DailyMail, Kivira virus has been found in 6 out of 334 bats in Tanzania and 1 out of 49 bats in Congo. Generally, the virus of this group spreads to humans when they come in contact with the feces, urine and saliva of animals. After this it can spread from one person to another.Dr. Sabrina says, viruses spreading from animals to humans are coming to the fore. Kovid is the biggest example of this.

How much should we be afraid of the new virus?

In June, a report was released in the World Health Organization, which said that bats are at the highest risk of transmitting the virus to humans. The report of the Scientific Advisory Group for the Origin of Novel Pathogens (SAGO) states that zoonotic viruses are an example of how viruses from animals reached humans and caused havoc.

Now information about how dangerous the Kivira virus found in the African country is, is yet to be known, but its connection with bats can prove to be dangerous for humans. This is also because the group to which this virus belongs is Hantavirus. Its infection can also become the cause of kidney failure.

The talk of getting a new virus in bats has come at a time when there has been talk of removing the lab set up to deal with the epidemic in Britain. Although the report is yet to come on how dangerous the new virus will be for humans.

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