Agneepath Scheme Protest: Thousands will get jobs in the army, yet the protests are taking place… Know why the protest is happening?

The Central Government has launched the Agneepath Entry Scheme regarding the separate process of recruitment in the Indian Army. (Agneepath Enrty Scheme) has initiated. Through this scheme, a large number of employment will be given to the youth and youth will be recruited in the army for 4 years. However, along with four years of recruitment, there are also provisions for permanent, one-time payment after duty, assistance in case of disability etc. At the same time, more than 40 thousand youth will be recruited in the army simultaneously. This decision of the government is being welcomed, but recruitment in the army (Indian Army Recruitment) Candidates who have been preparing for a long time are angry with this decision or the new scheme.

After getting approval from the government, demonstrations are being held in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand regarding this. In such a situation, the question is, why are people disappointed even after the recruitment of 40 thousand people in the army and what are the demands of the candidates protesting about this system of recruitment…

What is Agneepath Scheme?

Under the ‘Agneepath Recruitment Scheme’, the youth will be given an opportunity to join the army for four years. In this, young boys and girls from 17 and a half years to 21 years will be able to apply and students from 10th to 12th will be able to apply for studies. It is believed that it will start soon and about 46 thousand people will get jobs from this. Apart from this, six months training will be given to the youth in the recruitment process. In this, a salary of 30, 40 thousand will be given and a part of it will be deducted and given at the end of the service. In this, interest up to Rs 10 lakh will be paid by adding interest, which has been named as Service Fund Package. Now know what is the demand of the candidates.

  1. Don’t want four years job Candidates say that they work hard to join the armed forces. Four years of duty also includes holidays and training, so he does not want to join the army for a few days. He says, ‘Earlier, there was no recruitment in the army for three years. Now only four years job scheme has been introduced and this is a fraud with us. According to what will be the job of 4 years because if there will be 8 months training and 6 months leave, then what will we protect the country in about 3 years. This decision has to be withdrawn.
  2. Where will you go after four years? At the same time, a section says that after working so hard, they will be recruited in the army. After this, you will get a job for four years. Then what will happen after four years? There is no plan for what we will do after four years. It’s just like cheering for four years.
  3. Complaint of cancellation of recruitment- It is being told that due to Kovid, the restoration of the army was also affected. Recruitment has not been completed for the last two-three and now they are being canceled. Those who have passed due to this, have got medical, they have a problem with it. Actually, earlier they were getting jobs forever and now they are getting jobs for only four. According to reports, in December 2019, more than one lakh youths of Agra division had applied for army recruitment. Army Recruitment Rally was held in Agra in February 2021 and more than 3300 youth were issued notice to appear in the examination on 25 April 2021. But it was canceled before the exam.
  4. Money is also less At the same time, the question of many people is also about money. Actually, in this, the salary of Agniveers will be 30 thousand rupees and out of that only 21 thousand rupees will come in their hands. That’s why people are considering this salary as low, because many people say that if the salary is for four years, then at least the money should be more.
  5. The number of days of hard work, less service than People believe that once in the army, people work hard for many years. Along with studies, work hard for your body. They say that they are preparing for more time than the number of years they will serve in the army. That is, he has been preparing for more than 4 years and if he gets a job then he will be able to do it only for 4 years. That is, service for longer than their hard work time.

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