Agneepath Scheme: Dress-travel allowance to Agniveers, army award besides medical facility

Agneepath scheme is the most discussed topic in the country right now (Agneepath Scheme), Agneepath scheme is that scheme, through which youth will be recruited in the army for four years. While the army and the government are counting its many benefits, a large section is opposing it. For the last few days, there has been widespread demonstration in parts of the country and the result is that many trains have to be canceled today. Many questions are being raised about this plan, but the government has made the army through this plan. (Indian Army) Many facilities have also been given to the people taking entry in.

Actually, the youth who will be selected in this scheme, they will be given many types of facilities along with salary. They will also be given an amount on the end of the service, which they can use for further career. Apart from this, many facilities like loans, holidays and insurance are being given to them and it is through these facilities that the government and the army are asking people to join this Agneepath scheme. So know that what will be given along with salary to the youth participating in this scheme.

How much will be the salary?

According to the official information given by the Air Force, the candidates who will be selected from this recruitment will be given a salary of 30 thousand rupees in the first month. In this, they will get 21 thousand rupees in the account, while 9000 rupees will be deducted. These 9000 rupees will be deposited as service fund for the candidates. The special thing is that along with these 9000 rupees, the same amount will be deposited in your account by the government i.e. every month you will save 18 thousand rupees.

How much money will you get together?

After this, this salary will increase every year, due to which the salary will be 33 thousand in the second year, 36500 in the third year, 40 thousand in the fourth year. At the same time, the salary of the candidates will be 23100 in the second year, 25500 in the third year, 28 thousand rupees in the fourth year. In such a situation, by the end of four years, 5 lakh two thousand will be deposited in your service fund account from your salary and the same amount will be deposited by the government. After this Rs 10.04 lakh will be deposited in your account and money will be given to you along with interest on it, which will be around 11 lakh 72.

What will you get?

  1. Uniform- According to the notification issued by the Air Force, they will be given uniform to encourage mobility and special recognition of the youth.
  2. Awards- Awards will also be given to Agniveers based on their work.
  3. Holidays- Agniveers will get 30 holidays, while sick leave will also be available on the basis of medical advice.
  4. Medical facility- In the course of their duty, Agniveers will be given medical facilities in the service hospital with CSD provision.
  5. Finish the duty according to you- Agniveers will not be allowed to leave duty in between, except in a few cases.
  6. Allowance- Agniveers will be given dress and travel allowance along with salary and continuous increase in it.
  7. Loan facility- At the same time, there will be two options regarding the service fund package. In which this amount is given keeping in mind the financial loan.
  8. Life insurance cover- Agniveers will also be given life insurance of Rs 48 lakh. In this, in case of unfortunate death, along with insurance of Rs 48 lakh, service fund etc. will also be given. There is also a separate rule regarding the situations of death. For example, if Agniveer dies during four years, then his family will be given about one crore rupees as insurance cover. Along with this, there is a provision of getting Rs 44 lakh for being disabled while on duty.

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