Agneepath Q&A: Will the government deduct contribution from the salary of Agniveers, what will happen to them after 4 years, understand the whole thing with 15 questions and answers

Agneepath scheme related to recruitment in armed forces in many big states of the country including Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.Agneepath Scheme) protest is going on. There has been a massive damage with the movement of more than 200 trains coming to a standstill. The protesters have some questions, like recruitment in the army for the last 2 years due to Kovid (Army Recruitment) stalled and their lifespan is affected, what will happen to the Agniveers after being in the army for 4 years under the Agneepath scheme? Many such questions are rising in his mind, due to which the scope of the fire of protest is increasing. The central government has given answers to many such questions which can remove their confusion.

Know, 15 questions related to Agneepath scheme and their answers …

1 What is Agneepath scheme after all?

answer: If understood in easy language, then the youth of the country will be recruited in the Indian Armed Forces (Water, Army and Air Force). Such youth will be called ‘Agniveer’. They will be deployed on land, sea, air, desert and mountains.

2 How old do you need to be to become Agniveer?

answer: The youth of the country from 17.5 to 23 years will be able to participate in it. A total of 46,000 Agniveers will be reinstated in the first year. Under this scheme, recruitment will be done twice a year through rally.

3 What is the educational qualification to become Agniveer?

answer: To become Agniveer, it is necessary to have at least 10th pass.

4 For the last two years, the army has not been recruited, those youths who have become older have been left by the government?

answer: No, the central government has taken care of it. In the recruitment in 2022, the maximum age limit will be 23 years, not 21.

How much honorarium will 5 Agniveers get?

answer: First of all, 30 thousand to 40 thousand rupees will be available as salary. For example: 30,000 in the first year, 33,000 in the second, 36,500 in the third and 40,000 thousand rupees per month in the fourth year.

Will Agniveers be denied other perks?

answer: No, Agniveers will be given risk and hardships, ration, dress, travel and other allowances.

7 Will the government deduct money from the salaries of Agniveers?

answer: There is a need to understand this. The government will deduct 30 percent contribution from the salary, but the government will also deposit the same amount separately for you. That means your money will be doubled. Let us understand this with an example. If the government has deducted 10,000 rupees as contribution from the salary, then the government will also deposit 10 thousand rupees for you. In this way, 20 thousand rupees will be deposited for you. That is, you will get double the amount.

8 How much money will be deposited and when will it be received?

answer: Altogether, each Agniveer will get around Rs 12 lakh. Agniveers will get this money as a lump sum retirement fund after 4 years of service. The government will also pay interest on the amount deposited.

9 This plan is only for 4 years, after that where will Agniveer go? The government did not pay attention to this?

answer: It is not so, the government has paid full attention to this. After the completion of 4 years, 25% of the Agniveers will be regularized in the Army as per a regular criterion.

10 It was only about 25 percent, what will happen to the other 75 percent of Agniveers?

The government has many schemes for 75 percent of Agniveers. Now let’s understand it. Many avenues and options will be open for those who will not go ahead in the Agniveer army.

who would like to start a business

  • They will get around 12 lakh rupees which will give them a kickstart to do something new.
  • Apart from 12 lakh easy bank loans will be provided for those who want to start their business.

11 Suppose if you want to study further, then the government has wasted 4 years?

answer: There will be scope for the candidates who want to study further. 12th equivalent certificate will be given. Apart from the certificate, a bridging course will be arranged for the further studies of Agniveers.

12 Will the Ministry of Education recognize the skill training received by Agniveers during their service for graduation?

answer: Yes, Ministry of Education will recognize the skill training received by Agniveers during their service for graduation. In-service training will be given 50 percent credit under a specially designed graduate program by IGNOU. Whereas the remaining 50 percent credit will be given from courses.

13 Suppose an Agniveer has neither the desire to study nor do business, then what will happen to him?

answer: Such firefighters will have many options. For example, they will be given priority in CAPFs i.e. Central Armed Police Forces, Assam Rifles and Police and allied forces in many states.

Agniveers will already have the necessary experience and skills to work in fields like engineering, mechanical, law and order, they will get the benefit of it.

Employment opportunities will be explored for Agniveers in collaboration with Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Public Sector Banks, Public Sector Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions.

14 There is always a risk of life in the army, the government has given any thought to it, is there any arrangement for insurance?

answer: The government has managed it. A life insurance of Rs 48 lakh will be there for all the Agniveers during the service. No contribution will be taken from them for this.

15 What will be the rank of Agniveers?

answer: In this new scheme, soldiers below the rank of officer will be recruited, that is, their rank will be as Personnel Below Officer Rank i.e. PBOR. The rank of these soldiers will be different from the appointment of commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers in the army.

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