After the death of Elizabeth, all the family members went to Scotland. But why not daughter-in-law Kate Millidton?

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died in Scotland at the age of 96. After the death of Elizabeth, her family members have started reaching Scotland. At the same time, many people started reaching there when the news came that Elizabeth’s health was bad. Now the discussion has started regarding the death of Elizabeth, the next King. After the death of Queen Elizabeth, one thing is clear that now there will be a King instead of a Queen in Britain.

Now after his death, Britain will get a new monarch in the form of Prince Charles. He will now be known as King Charles III after the death of his mother, Elizabeth. In such a situation, the whole family is going to Scotland, but after the death of Elizabeth, Kate Middleton has not gone to Scotland. Now there is a question in the minds of people that why the daughter-in-law of the family, Kate Middleton has not gone even on this occasion.

Who is Kate Middleton?

Let us tell you that Prince William is the eldest son of King Charles III. William studied at St Andrews University. It was here that he met Kate Middleton. Both got married in 2011. The two have three children, named George, Charlotte and Louise.

Why didn’t you come?

According to reports, Kate Millidton is currently busy because of her children. It is being told that the first day of her school days, so Kate also did not go there for her children. Now she is not moving anywhere because of the children’s school. Significantly, William and Kate were also seen last Saturday at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, close to their children’s new school, which is about 20 minutes from their home. Now all three of their children will go to the same school for the first time. Recently, Prince Harry also left for Scotland leaving his wife Meghan.

In 2001, Kate and Prince William first met. After this, in the year 2003, both of them started dating each other. They did not make this relationship public and the reason for this was also that William was from a famous family and Kate is from a middle class family. After this, in 2003, both Kate and Prince came closer when their relationship ended and both were single again. Kate became William’s flatmate along with two of her friends. From here the romance started between the two. After this, they became the first royal couple to live in live-in. Then both got married.

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