Acharya Dharmendra, who was an important face of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi movement, kept a 52-day fast for cow protection

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Movement be the face of Acharya Dharmendra Not anymore. He breathed his last at the age of 80 at Sawai Mansingh Hospital in Jaipur. He was ill for the last several days and was admitted in ICU. Acharya Dharmendra was a member of the guide board of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Became the face of the cow protection movement in 1966 and ran many public awareness campaigns in the country.

Born on January 9, 1942 in Malwada, Gujarat, Shri Panchkhand Peethadheeshwar Acharya Swami Dharmendra was a prolific speaker and was also included in the cabinet of Vishwa Hindi Parishad. He started a massive movement in 1965 to stop cow slaughter. Fasted for 52 days. His whole life was devoted to Hindutva. He spent the longest time in Jaipur.

When I told myself accused number one

Acharya Dharmendra proposed to conduct Jan-Jagran Yatras to open the doors of Ram Janmabhoomi in the first Dharma Sansad in April 1984, which was also passed. In the same year Ramjanki Yatra was taken out from Sitamarhi to Delhi. Acharya Dharmendra had an important contribution in this journey.

Acharya Dharmendra has been very vocal about the Ram temple movement. He used to keep everything about the movement with utmost impunity. Before the court’s decision in the Babri demolition case, he gave his statement. Said- Now how to be afraid of punishment, whatever I did, I did it in front of everyone. I am accused number one. Acharya Dharmendra also wrote a book in which many revelations were made about Mahatma Gandhi. However that book was banned.

These 3 statements of Acharya remained in the discussion

  1. Many statements of Acharya Dharmendra remained in the discussion. In one of his statements to the media, targeting those who do not believe in God, he said that if a person does not believe in God, then he should be shot at the crossroads. The creation of God is the proof of his existence. In such a situation, what is the point of being alive for those who do not believe in God.
  2. He had said in one of his statements, I keep myself organized. I always keep a mirror with me. Of course I don’t do fashion, but I keep my hair organized. I am a devotee of Lord Shiva and Narayan who got poison and Lakshmi from the churning of the ocean.
  3. His statement on school education in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh was in the news. He had said, if any school in the country is not told about the universe and religion, then what is the point of such education.
  4. In the satsang ceremony of Amarkantak, he had said that a man of one and a half ribs who spins yarn cannot be the father of the nation. Mahatma Gandhi may be the son of Mother India, but not the father of the nation.

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