75 Years of independence : The first nuclear power plant was established in 1969 at Tarapur

75 Years of independence : The first nuclear power plant was established in 1969 at Tarapur

India’s first nuclear reactor was commissioned in 1969 at Tarapur, Maharashtra. It is one of the oldest and most powerful nuclear power plants in India. There are total 4 units in this plant. The first two units include BWR. The Tarapur nuclear plant was established with the help of the US. The agreement was signed by both the countries in May 1964 in the presence of the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. The reactors of this power plant were supplied by America. Operation of this nuclear plant started after 5 years of this contract. The initial power capacity of Tarapur power plant was 210 MW which has now increased to 1100 MW. According to the contract regarding the nuclear plant, America will supply enriched uranium for 30 years. However, after India’s nuclear test in 1974, the US reduced the supply.

The foundation of a nuclear power plant was laid in Tarapur in 1961.

The first nuclear power plant commissioned by the then Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri government, was started in 1961. However, this plant was closed and started in 1969. The plant has 4 pressurized heavy water reactors with a total capacity of 1100 MW at present. The control of this nuclear power plant is with the Nuclear Power Corporation. In 1963 Tarapur Atomic Power Station with two boiling water reactors was constructed by the Department of Atomic Energy by GE and Bechtel. Unit 1 and Unit 2 were put into operation in 1969 which started generating 210 MW of power.

Nuclear power plant was established with the help of America

The country’s first nuclear power plant was established in Tarapur with the help of the US. The reactors installed in this power plant were also supplied by the US itself. In 1964, agreements were signed between the two countries, according to which the US was to maintain the supply of uranium for the nuclear power plant for 30 years. Nuclear power plants account for one-fifth of the electricity generation in the country.

Boiling water reactors in Tarapur generate energy

The first two units of the Tarapur Nuclear Power Plant use boiling water reactors. This technique is also called BWR. Through this technology, water is used to generate electricity. Water acts as a coolant and diluent. The steam produced at the plant is rich in uranium oxide. These reactors boil the water and convert it into steam and the condenser converts them back into water. Because of which energy is produced in the process of generating heat.

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