30 years later! 14 acres of palace, 18 vintage cars and 1000 crore ornaments in the name of daughters

A property of Punjab was discussed for a long time and today the dispute over that property is over. But the property dispute continued for 30 years. After a long fight today, it ended in the courtroom of the Supreme Court. This dispute is about the royal property of Sir Harinder Singh Brar, the Maharaja of Faridkot. The property is also not worth 5-10 crores, its value is said to be from 20 thousand to 25 thousand crores. Now the Supreme Court has told the rights of the daughters of Haringer Singh Brar on this property.

In such a situation, the question is who had claimed this property first and after crossing which paths this matter reached the Supreme Court in the battle of 30 years. Let us tell you in detail what was the dispute over this property and what is the story of Maharaja Harinder Singh…

What is today’s update?

In fact, the Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the decision of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, ending the 30-year-long battle. In the High Court’s decision, the daughters of Maharaja Harinder Singh, Amrit Kaur and Deepinder Kaur, have been given a major share of the royal property. Let us tell you that about a month ago, a three-judge bench of Justice UU Lalit, Justice S Ravindra Bhat and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia, after examining the arguments of both the parties and testament etc., had reserved the decision and it has been heard today.

With whom did the daughters fight?

Now the question is, who had this property before the daughters got the right. So the answer is that earlier this property was with Maharawal Khewaji Trust and he was taking care of this property. The dispute was that the Maharawal Khewaji Trust used to have its right on it on the basis of a will. But, in 2013 itself, the Chandigarh District Court had declared this will illegal and given the property to the daughters. The matter was then taken to the High Court, where the district court’s decision was upheld in 2020. However, the court had said that along with the daughters, their brother’s families should also be given a share.

What is the story of the controversy?

Now you must have understood that the daughters have won the battle with the trust and have taken their right on the property. But now according to their family, they know how the daughters got the right on the property of the Maharaja. Let us tell you that in the year 1918, at the age of just three, Harinder Singh Brar was crowned Maharaja, who is the last descendant of the then princely state. Brar and his wife Narinder Kaur had three daughters, named Amrit Kaur, Deepinder Kaur and Mahipinder Kaur. They also had a son named Tikka Harmohinder Singh. But in the year 1981, his son died in a road accident.

After this incident the Maharaja went into depression and his will was made after about seven to eight months and after him a trust was formed to look after the royal properties. In this, Deepinder Kaur and Mahipinder Kaur were appointed as president and vice-president. It was said in this will that the Maharaja had thrown out Amrit Kaur, because she had married without the Maharaja’s choice. This will came to light after the death of the Maharaja in 1989.

At the same time, before getting married, a sister Mahipinder died in Shimla in 2001. After this, Amrit Kaur, who lives in Chandigarh, challenged the will in 1992 and sued in the local district court. His argument was that his father could not legally give his entire property to the trust as it contained ancestral property. Along with this, he also raised questions on the authenticity of this will.

How much was the property?

This huge property includes forts, palatial buildings, hundreds of acres of land, jewellery, used cars and a huge bank balance. These include Faridkot’s Rajmahal (14 acres), Faridkot Fort Mubarak (10 acres), New Delhi’s Faridkot House (estimated price 1200 crore), Chandigarh’s Manimajra Fort (4 acres), Shimla’s Faridkot House (260 bigha bungalow), 18 Vintage cars (Roll Royce, Bentley, Jaguar etc.), 1000 crores of gold and gems are included.

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