YSV Datta | Siddaramaiah is the only leader who can match Modi: YSV Dutta sings his praises

Bengaluru: JDS leader and former MLA YSV Dutta praised Siddaramaiah saying that if there is a leader who can match Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then it is Siddaramaiah.

Speaking at the launch of the book ‘Sadanali Sri Rama Reddy’ edited by journalist Naveen Surinje at Gandhi Bhavan in the city on Friday, he said that if there is any leader who can match Modi, it is Siddaramaiah. Let anyone understand what they want from my words. He said that Siddaramaiah was never a compromiser ideologically and philosophically, his stand was clear.
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There is a lot of expectation about Siddaramaiah. He said on this occasion that that wish would be fulfilled.

Dutta has not been actively involved in JDS party activities for a few months now. Speculations are rife that he will join the Congress.

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There was public concern. Sriram Reddy is a pro-people and committed person, he said.
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If you have the heart to help people, you should be in politics, there is no need to do politics for power. Those who are popular will be elected. He said that when you see Sri Rama Reddy’s first speech, you can clearly see his concern for the people.

In a democratic system, there must be whips for the government, only then can the government run well. Sri Rama Reddy spoke against communalism in favor of the poor, farmers and Dalits. Sri Rama Reddy used to say that land should be distributed to the poor. But today he lashed out at the BJP saying that ‘the tiller is the owner of the land’ has been changed to ‘the one who owns the land is the owner of the land’.
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‘I am joining the Congress Party..’: YSV Dutta’s audio which went viral

In this audio of one minute and twenty seven seconds, the audio of YSV Dutta saying about joining the Congress while talking to a person regarding financial matters went viral.

What was on the audio…?

Datta: I have given the check, put it in the collection. There is a time of three months. Apply after 1 month. Because I am joining Congress party. Everything is being arranged for me from next month. So I am making a request for it as you are a local. Check next month
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Person: I had to give the request to someone, I promised.

Datta: As a native of the village.. you write tomorrow. I am not a minister. My name is not Datta.. God has given me the power to become a minister. You will all benefit. There are big rich people, will you work with them for a while, next month.. close by 15 please…

Person: Don’t miss at 15..
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Person: Will you join Congress Anna..

Datta: People are waiting..Siddaramanna..You will help all of you, make you a minister.

Person: Okay Anna.