You are a practicing lawyer: Speaker Kageri praises Siddaramaiah

Bangalore: Legislative Assembly Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri praised Opposition leader Siddaramaiah saying that he is a practicing lawyer.

Speaker Vishweshwar Hegade Kageri appreciated Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah’s speech while speaking in the Assembly under Rule 69 on the PSI recruitment exam scam. If you look at your style of argument it seems like that, I have worked as a lawyer for half a year. Siddaramaiah said that I was half politics and half lawyer, I think Madhuswamy had done that.

But for three years I taught in college at Vidyavardhak Law College. Speaker Vishweshwar Hegade Kageri told you that everything is forgotten now. When you have taught Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act, Law of Thoughts, Criminal Procedure Code, have you taught Law of Thoughts for this? Speaker Kageri said very good.
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  • Arrest Modri, if you have a record about me about the PSI scam, are you waiting? I got a police notice under section 19(1) and 160 CrPC. The notice did not say that I have to appear in person. I have replied in writing how I got the document. I have not done investigative journalism. I replied to the first notice: Priyank Kharge
  • Why do you turn your back and run away, if you have the document, come and give it. No record given. Only the press cutting has been given. No record given: Araga Gyanendra
  • Why are you calling Priyank Kharge, who raised his voice about the case, for investigation? Why doesn’t anyone else? Why no notice to Prabhu Chauhan: HK Patil
  • Parasappa had alleged that MLA Basavaraja Dadesaguru had bribed him in connection with the PSI scam. But he said that he did not give money the next day. However, we will investigate the matter and let the truth come out: CM Basavaraja Bommai
  • Araga Gyanendra said that he has turned his back on Priyank Khar without giving the document. This is not correct. It should be taken back: Congress MLA Krishna Byregowda