‘Why not blacklist contractors, your government has no dham’: GT Deve Gowda

Bangalore: Why not blacklist the contractors, your government has no idea. JDS MLA GT Deve Gowda took the government to task.

Talking about the flood damage under Rule 69 in the Legislative Assembly, he said that the contractors are setting a low tender amount so that we can get the contract. Because of this, they are doing the work with a small amount. Contractors are defaming your government. You have no dignity. Why are the contractors not blacklisted? He lashed out against the government saying that your government has no dham.
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At this time, Minister CC Patil objected to the use of words of dignity. He wondered what he was doing using such words. GT Deve Gowda, I am not telling you, contractors are taking away your dignity. He said that contractors are removing 40%, 100% quality. what have you done How many people have been blacklisted? How many contractors are rich? Where did they get money from? Put 40% lower tender amount, he will hit 30%. where does he work questioned.

The administration is in your hands. Contractors are not working. Quality work is not being done. Even if you spend a thousand crores, the road will hit potholes. Engineers are not working. Engineers have no work. He just sits down and writes the bill. Writes a false bill. GTD accused that if five lakhs were given by the minor irrigation department for the lakes, the engineers just wrote the bill and did not do the work. No government has developed the lakes. Grants have not been released for any lakes. Lakes above 100 acres are given to minor irrigation department. Rest of the lakes have been given to Gram Panchayat. Five lakhs to him. There is no grant. He said that there was no benefit from it.
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Raj Canal is closed in all parts. Lakes are closed. Occupied in all parts. Five crore rupees when Yeddyurappa was CM. Grant was given for the development of the lake. Except him, no one has given grants to the lakes. Mysore is a cultural city. Did a yoga day there. Presidents are also coming for Dussehra. He demanded to release grants to Mysore and Chamundeshwari constituency as soon as possible and take up the relief work.