We all need to resolve to save constitution, democracy: Siddaramaiah

Bangalore: It is the responsibility of all of us to preserve the constitution and democracy. Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah called that we should all resolve for it.

Speaking at the Congress Walk Conference held at the National College ground in the city, he said that those who fought for freedom should be remembered. He said that we are breathing the air of freedom as a result of their struggle. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the country, made a sincere effort to build a modern India. He has done many development works in the country. Those who fought for freedom did not fight for power. Despite all these achievements, there is political and economic inequality. Wealth cannot be said to be a value to a person. There is inequality. He said that if this is not removed, even if independence comes, it will not be worthwhile.
Work has to be done to silence fake patriots: Siddaramaiah
Ambedkar mentioned in his speech that until economic and social democracy is not available to all citizens, freedom is not meaningful. Siddaramaiah said that we should all resolve to give social and economic democracy.

Legislative Council Leader of Opposition BK Hariprasad said, “This is a day written in golden letters in the history of the Congress party. Everyone supported the walk and it was successful. Vishwaguru is sitting in Delhi and trying to suppress freedom and destroy democracy. So, he said, we have to fight against the forces that show disrespect to the tricolor flag.

Congress is the party that brought freedom to the country, those who insult the tricolor flag, those who insult the constitution are traitors. The country needs Bangalore model not Gujarat model. He said that BJP, the party that insulted Nehru, those who insulted the constitution and the tricolor should be sent home.