Want Religion? Need a life? HD Kumaraswamy questioned people

Bangalore: You are being misled in the name of religion. You want religion? Want life? Former chief minister H.D. People have questioned Kumaraswamy.

He was speaking at the Janjatagara Swamy Temple in the Basavanagudi Assembly constituency today.

Transitional Prohibition Act: The State Govt.

Let’s keep religion at home. Former HD Kumaraswamy appealed to the youth not to spill blood on the street.

Already twice, I am the chief minister of our father-in-law. It is not important to be a CM again. I have seen the violence of school children in one channel. The private school at Mahalakshmi Layoutʼ has eliminated the mess. He said he was worried that there was such a system in several schools.

Shivalinga Gowda vs HD Kumaraswamy

He said in direct words that we should take steps to solve such problems and not break up society.

It is with these problems that I have devised a program on the improvement of the education sector in five-star programs. I urge the government to take action immediately on the school, ”he said.

Challenge to Minister Dr. C.N. Ashwaththanarayana

At the same time, HD Kumaraswamy challenged the minister to release the document against me if there is any reason.

Let me release whatever the record is against me. I have not been robbed of their kind in the coalition government. They are the spoilers. Former chief ministers have challenged him to release the document against me tomorrow morning if he has any concerns.

Former chief ministers have warned the minister that “450 crore is illegal in the appointment of professors.

Resignation of Rabindranath should not be accepted

The government should not accept the resignation of IPS officer Rabindranath. He has resigned, condemning the conduct of the government. Many had received a fake reservation certificate. Transferred if it goes to investigate. Siddaramaiah was speaking at the session about CM’s political secretary. During the Siddaramaiah period, Kempaya was a police officer and was strategically empowered. They were given the responsibility of the Police Department. Kumaraswamy held that Siddaramaiah did not have the moral to talk about this.

Paying sugarcane growers: Shankar Patil says the owners have never seen a political party

The officer has been transferred two days after the notice to Kempaya. The Congress and the BJP are in it. A team and a B team are known. Why did you transfer the officer? Did Siddaramaiah say that? If they talk, Dalits talk about the backward. But it is unfair in the facility they have to get. Former chief minister HDK Sparks said that if he did not fix it, he would be classified as an officer.

Where is the protection for dalits and dalits in this government? Asked HD Kumaraswamy.