Voter List Scam: Chilume Illegality: Why are IT, EDs still turning a blind eye? Siddaramaiah question

Bengaluru: What action has been taken against the culprits behind the irregularities of the Chiluwe organization involved in the electoral roll scam? Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah asked why the CBI, IT and ED have not raided the financial transactions of this illegal organization after so long.

Officials of the BBMP and the Election Commission are also behind the task of revising the voter list by private firm Chilume. The Election Commission was already informed about this. The Election Commission had also written letters to the BBMP in this regard. However, without taking care of the Commission, the illegality of Chilume Institute has been increasing. So the Election Commission has given tacit consent to this illegality? The Supreme Court’s review of the Election Commission is correct or not? He expressed his displeasure.

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The question is who gave illegal recruitment and money to Chilume organization
At the office of BJP in Hongsandra, training was given on revision of voter list under the leadership of Satish Reddy, the sitting MLA and chief whip of the assembly. The media reported that the recruits were paid 25,000 to 30,000 rupees for the renovation work. He demanded an investigation into the source of this money.

Who gave this organization the crores of rupees that were spent to pay the salaries of hundreds of employees? What is the purpose of spending such a large amount? Why are IT and EDs still turning a blind eye without conducting raids on the money spent illegally? He questioned.

The Government, Election Commission and District Election Officer, Voter Registrar, Assistant Voter Registrar of BBMP are fully responsible for the electoral roll irregularities in BBMP.

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However, even though such a massive scandal has taken place, why has no action been taken against the senior officials of BBMP and the officials of the Election Commission? Why no action has been taken against the BJP MLAs, Ministers who are directly involved in the illegality and the Chief Minister who is in charge of Bangalore development?

Instead of appointing Government/Semi Government employees under BBMP, private individuals have been appointed as BLOs. The law says that private persons should not be appointed for any reason. He looks like a party worker.

It has been reported in the media that Minister’s checks and letter heads have been found in Chilume Sanstha’s offices. Then why no case has been filed against this minister? Asked that.

It is a heinous crime to commit this act without obtaining any application forms to add or remove names from the voter list, which people along with witnesses are telling in front of the media every day. Therefore, the Forms 6, 7, 8, and 8A applications submitted by the people should be made available for public inspection. The Election Commission should immediately inform all the political parties and the public about the number of cases that have been added, omitted, amended and transferred to the voter list without any application. All changes made without receiving application from public and without giving notice should be canceled immediately.

A criminal case should be filed and jailed against all the officers who have been added, removed or transferred from the voter list without receiving the application, issuing notice, and ordering the applications. He demanded that the officials who did not act impartially should be released from election duties immediately.

Clarification of the allegation on Congress
As soon as the Congress started fighting to save the sanctity of the voting system for the survival of democracy, some of the BJP are releasing the 2017 document and started lying that the Congress had raised the fountainhead. For this he is showing the copy of the order that the Deputy Revenue Officer of Mahadevpur has given the order.

MLA of BJP party in Mahadevpur. It has been started by BJP party members. The revenue officer has also signed the BJP showing that Chilume has ordered the agency. The reference in it is the petition given by Chilume Institute on 9-7-2017. Is this application valid? So why did this happen when there was a BJP MLA? Whose pressure was on that officer?

The Representation of the People Act-1950 states that the Revenue Commissioner has no power even to appoint a junior level officer. So, shouldn’t we also check whether the BJP has influenced a small officer and given orders illegally?

Every addition, every deletion from the year from which the irregularities have occurred should be verified by the Election Commission itself. Until then, the voter list prepared now should be withheld without publication. He demanded immediate action against all those involved.

Who has given money to Chilume Institute? Why were they paying him? What is the background of Chilume Institute? Who is behind them? Who was the organization in touch with? What were the interactions between them? What are the interactions? All these factors need to be investigated and put before the public. Also, the commission should clarify the information about where it is in the state.

What is done by the Electoral Roll Observers who are supposed to monitor the revision of Electoral Rolls? If they have been negligent or biased, they have insisted that ruthless action should be taken against them.