Voter ID Scam: BJP complains to Election Commission before Congress; Demand for criminal case against ‘Kai’

Bengaluru: At a time when the state Chief Electoral Officers are revising the voter list for the upcoming 2023 state assembly elections, the Congress is unnecessarily interfering in the election preparation process. Therefore, the state BJP has complained to the Central Election Commission that a case should be filed against the Congress.

In this regard, state BJP general secretary N Ravikumar sent a four-page complaint to the Chief Election Commissioner of the Central Election Commission by fax on Tuesday. “Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee is interfering in the work of the commission which is preparing for the election process including revision of the ballot list by filing false and misleading complaints. “This is an unfortunate incident and the commission should not allow KPCC to interfere,” he insisted.

“The Election Commission is revising the voter list through the use of advanced technology. The work is being done to remove the names of persons who have illegally registered twice and fake names from the voter list. However, it has been seen that the Congress has kept the bogus names and is planning to commit massive illegal activities in the upcoming elections,” the BJP alleged.

Voters ID Scam – Voter List Irregularity: BJP requests Election Commission for high-level investigation
Appointing a fountain of awareness!
BBMP has hired an NGO called Chilume to create awareness among voters. However, there have been complaints about this organization being involved in some activities other than voter awareness entrusted to it. Therefore, the state government immediately registered an FIR and arrested the concerned persons. The process of removing the names of fake voters was carried out by the personnel deputed by the BBMP. The BJP said that the process of removing the names of fake voters is being carried out independently not only in Bengaluru but also by the Election Commission across the state.

Illegal vote list: Congress to complain to Central Election Commission
Demand for criminal case against Congress!
In 2017, the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government appointed Chilume to revise the voter list. It is clear that the Congress government has already illegally interfered in the process of the Election Commission. However, the current government has entrusted Chilume organization only with voter awareness work. However, the Congress is now using its mistake to blame the current government. By appointing private individuals to the posts of lower level officials, the previous government has flouted all the rules of the Central Election Commission. “Considering such a serious crime, the Central Election Commission should immediately file a criminal case against the Congress,” the BJP demanded.

There is a note counting machine in the Chilume office, there is misappropriation of money – DK Shivakumar alleges