Volume restructuring sure, DCM design thinking for creation

Bangalore: Amit Shah, BJP’s Task Master, arrived in Bangalore on the eve of the proceedings.

After Amit Shah’s arrival in Bengaluru, speculation about a leadership change has opened up.

Aim Shah: Bommayee Aim Shah

The reconstruction is sure

The Cabinet reshuffle is certain and the process will be finalized soon. There is also a proposal that the volume reconstruction be carried out by May 10. The list will be forwarded to the High Command CM. It is well known that Amit Shah, JP Nadda and others will have another round of discussion and finalize the list.

What is DCM Calculation?

The DCM issue is back in the forefront. There is a proposal to provide DCM post to SC, ST, OCLIG and OBC community. There is a calculation that this equation will be beneficial in view of the election. The High Command is expected to make a final decision on this.

Let the plan reach the people

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has instructed CM Basavaraja Bommai to increase the pace of governance, saying the party will face an election based on development.

Amit Shah sought information on political developments in the state. It is learned that he advised to leave the election strategy and other ideas to the party and focus on good governance.

CM explained to Amit Shah that he has already issued departmental orders for the implementation of projects based on the Janapriya Plan, Improved Economic Situation and Budget Declaration. CM explained that they traveled across the state to activate the workforce so that the benefits of the projects could reach the masses.

No Chance Chancellor Of CM ..! BSY stays back!

What did Amit Shah say?

– You have full support of the High Command. But give an active administration.
– Make the administration machine more functional. Make people feel confident about the government.
– Make sure that the opposition parties are not in any position.
– The Commission may be accused or otherwise. Opposition parties should be provided with a viable option.
– Responding to allegations made by opposition parties without record and evidence. By this, the color of the opposition should be uncovered.