Viral Fever: People of Karnataka suffer from Viral Fever; Fever in every house, people in hospitals

Viral Fever: People of Karnataka suffer from Viral Fever;  Fever in every house, people in hospitals
Bangalore: Amidst the increasing summer heat across the state, viral fever is also becoming more severe. Illnesses with symptoms of viral fever including cough, cold, headache are appearing from house to house and the crowd in hospitals has also increased.

In addition to this, the infection of the ‘H3N2’ virus, which is the brother of the Covid virus, is also increasing, which has made people nervous. The symptoms of Covid-19, viral fever and ‘H3N2’ are almost the same, leaving people confused as to which infection they have.

Every house is suffering from viral fever. Mostly children under five years of age and adults are susceptible to viral fever very quickly. Experts say that the number of people suffering from flu is increasing due to the spread of viral fever from person to person.

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“Dust stays in the atmosphere during summer. Due to this, fever and breathing problems may appear. This period is conducive to the spread of the virus. Therefore, measures should be taken to prevent the spread of infection. The virus keeps changing. During the summer season, people get sick very quickly because their immune system is low, says doctor Dr. Manjunath Naik.

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“It’s viral fever season. It is found in the form of fever, cough, cold, cold in children. RSV (Respiratory Sensitive Virus) is more common in children at this time. If the disease worsens, it turns into viral pneumonia. Then you have to be admitted to the hospital. Many children with symptoms of this disease have also been tested for Covid. No one has come positive. So, don’t be afraid of covid infection,” says Dr. Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital Pediatrician. Chikkanarasareddy.

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  1. What are the symptoms of viral fever?
    * High fever, chills for three to four days, * Cold, cough, headache, pain in hands and feet * In some people, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, red eyes * Common symptoms of many viral fevers including dengue, chikungunya
  2. What is the doctor’s advice for viral fever?
    * Even if the symptoms of covid and viral fever are the same, don’t worry* If you have a fever for three days continuously, consult a doctor immediately.* Do not wash your hands with soap continuously* Wear a mask when you are in the crowd* Drink enough water to prevent dehydration.
  3. Is there a covid scare at the moment?
    There is no fear of covid as of now. Now there is an increase in the number of flu (fever) cases. Currently, many cases of influenza type are being reported and many are suffering from chronic illness and persistent cough. This fever is spread from person to person. Wearing a mask can also prevent droplets released when an infected person sneezes and coughs. Dr CN Manjunath, director of Jayadeva Cardiology Hospital, said that various precautionary measures should be followed including maintaining distance and cleaning hands.
What is H3N2 infection? What are the symptoms?

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