‘Vehicle tax exemption given during Dasara also applies to Sabarimala Yatra’

  • SK Chandrasekhar, Mysore

Mysore: Just as the tax exemption was given to the tourist vehicles coming from outside the state to witness the world famous Dussehra festival in Karnataka, the clamor to give tax exemption to the tourist vehicles going from Karnataka to Sabarimala in Kerala is being heard more in Karnataka this time.

Every year, the government has been giving tax exemption to the tourist vehicles that come to the cultural city to witness Nadhabba Mysore Dussehra. Similarly, lakhs of devotees from Karnataka go to Sabarimala in Kerala every year to have darshan of Lord Ayyappa. However, the vehicle tax there has increased and the tourist organizations have put this additional burden on the passengers. So, if the tax exemption on the occasion of Mysore Dussehra is implemented here, the tourism of Kerala will also benefit and the drivers/owners of vehicles with yellow board will be relieved.

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Most devotees are from Karnataka

A large number of devotees from Karnataka including sandalwood actors, businessmen, dignitaries visit Sabarimala every year. However, some people have postponed their trip to Kerala after hearing about the amount of vehicle tax. Due to this the tourism there is also losing.

Give a discount

3,960 for a 13 seater Tempo Traveler (TT) vehicle with interstate registration, Rs 6,200 for a 21 seater vehicle. And 16,500 for a 50-passenger bus. Being taxed. As the state government gives exemption to Kerala registered vehicles during Dussehra, a request has been submitted to the Kerala government to give exemption to Karnataka vehicles during ‘Mandala Puja’ and ‘Makar Jyoti’ held at Sabarimala. However, in the background of no response from the Kerala government so far, the Ayyappa Maladharis who go for Mandal Puja and Jyoti this time are facing the heat of tax.

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Double tax

Most of the pilgrims going to Sabarimala from the state also visit Palani temple near Madurai in Tamil Nadu along with Ayyappa darshan in Kerala and then return via Mahadeshwar Hill in Karnataka. So you have to pay vehicle tax in both Kerala and Tamilnadu states. Therefore, there is an opinion that if the Kerala government reduces the tax money, the number of vehicles will increase and the tourism there will also get a boost.

Economic growth

Tax exemption is being given to vehicles coming to Mysore on the occasion of Dussehra. Apart from this, taxes have to be paid when moving to Mandya, Kodagu and Chamarajanagar districts. Due to this many people hesitated to come. So, the state government had announced tax exemption for one month. Due to the tourists staying, the hotels and lodges were full and the hotel business was also brisk. The number of tourists for Palace, Chamundibetta, Krishnarajasagar, Bandipur, Nagarhole Sanctuary Safaris has helped the local taxi owners and drivers financially.

A large number of devotees from Karnataka visit Sabarimala in Kerala from November to February. However, due to high vehicle tax, passengers and tourist vehicles are facing problems.
AV Prithviraj, President, Mysore District Tourist Bus Owners Association

As more tourists came, the local economic activity would lead to recovery, so the government would also pay more taxes indirectly. In this regard, it is the insistence of the tourist vehicle drivers, owners and pilgrims that the Kerala government should also take action.