Varamahalakshmi Vrat Special: Turmeric-Kumkum Distribution to Women in Mujarai Temples

Bengaluru: This time Varamahalakshmi Vrat has been decided to be specially celebrated by Mujarai department. Mujarai, Haj and Waqf Minister Sasikala A Jolle has directed that women visiting the temples who perform special pooja at temples within Mujarai’s jurisdiction on that day should be given good quality musk-turmeric-saffron and green bangles as a mark of respect. A circular has been issued accordingly.

“Women are held in a very important place in Indian culture. Every year Varamahalakshmi Vrat, Swarngauri Vrat and Navratris also worship the female deity. On the day of Varamahalakshmi vrata, there is a tradition of women performing puja at home and visiting temples to receive the prasadam of the deity.
State Priests Conference in September: Minister Sasikala Jolla
In a recent meeting of the State Religious Council, officials were instructed to give more impetus to this tradition and to honor women especially by giving auspicious rings and green bangles on behalf of the Mujarai temples of the state.
Maximum grant from Bommai government to Mujarai Department: Minister Sasikala Jolla
‘Every year during Diwali, we have started the tradition of celebrating Gopuja and Ugadi day as a religious day in temples. This time on the day of Varamahalakshmi Vrat, our intention is to give special respect to women. In this background, a circular has already been issued, and the temple authorities have been instructed to distribute 6 green bangles and musk-turmeric-kumkum which are specially worshiped in the temple in envelopes,’ said Minister Sasikala A Jolle.