V Somanna : Whatever happens to us is all; Yeddyurappa is like a father to me, everything has a happy ending – V. Somanna

V Somanna : Whatever happens to us is all;  Yeddyurappa is like a father to me, everything has a happy ending – V. Somanna
Bangalore: He is a match for former CM BS Yeddyurappa. Minister V. said that now all the confusion is over. Somanna said.

Speaking at his residence in Bengaluru on Thursday, he said, Yediyurappa Yediyurappa, if we talk about him, we turn our faces up and we are like steam. Mystically said that it will come and fall to us.

No one can fight like Yeddyurappa. Yeddyurappa is Vijayendra’s father. He said that Yeddyurappa is not only a hero for one of them but also for us.

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Yeddyurappa is a match for Yeddyurappa

It would have been nice if we had said good things about Yeddyurappa. The time I spent with Yeddyurappaji was less. I was in their place for a few days. I am tamed by JH Patel, HD Deve Gowda, Ramakrishna Hegade Garadi. However, Yeddyurappa is a match for Yeddyurappa. We have respect for them.

BS Yediyurappa : Disgruntled with the party V. Talking to Somanna: BSY

Everything is what we want it to be

He said that Vijayendra’s political dream should come true and he should follow his own path. Talking about meeting Minister Somanna with Union Minister Amit Shah, he said, “Whatever we want to happen, that’s all.” Due to the election, they have cleared the confusion. He said everything has a happy ending.

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Vijayendra is not ready to say anything

What Vijayendra talked about is irrelevant to me. Yeddyurappa is the leader of this state. Yeddyurappa is also one among many elites. I also grew up in his circle. I am just focused on what I have to do. Let Vijayendra also pay attention to what needs to be done. I am not ready to tell him what to do.

Yediyurappa is like a father to me

Yediyurappa is our leader, he is like a father to me. Vijayendra is young, he has room to grow. He said that if they pay attention to it, they can also grow.

Cool after visiting Delhi

Somanna, who was upset in the party and indirectly expressed her displeasure against BS Yeddyurappa, is cool after her visit to Delhi. Behind this stand of Somanna, it is possible that the High Command instruction is visible.

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