V Somanna : I have no acquaintance with rowdies in my life, nor do I need them: V. Somanna clarification

Bangalore: Minister V Somanna has made it clear that I have no acquaintance with rowdies in my life, nor do I need them. Clarifying this, he expressed his deep regret over the media coverage of his visit to the office of the rowdy sheeter.

Speaking on this issue on Thursday, the minister said that during my 50 years of political life, thousands of people have come and gone near my house. He said, “I don’t know who is Naga and who is Timma.”

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I have never seen a Naga. I have not spoken for an hour, not even a minute. My life is like an open book. I have never lived that kind of life. Someone walks on what is called a public road. How can I be responsible for that? He said that even good people should not be stopped by calling them to the road.

I have faced 11 elections in politics. I have never known rowdies in my life. I don’t even need it. He said that media friends should also look at our age and our service.

One should look at our political history before making accusations. Don’t just make false accusations and try to mentally shrink them. The Minister has requested the media friends to please know our antecedents while broadcasting such news.