Untouchability is still alive in the state: Denial of temple entry, obstruction of drinking water!

Bangalore: The practice of untouchability is still alive in the state. The Social Welfare and Backward Classes Welfare Department itself said that in some villages of the state, Dalits are not only being denied entry to temples, but are also being prevented from getting drinking water, Anganwadi access and ration.

Minister of Social Welfare and Backward Classes Welfare Department Kota Srinivas Pujari has given a detailed answer referring to the cases that have taken place in some districts of the state while answering an unmarked question asked by BJP MLA Goolihatti Shekhar. By this they have officially admitted that the practice of untouchability is still alive in the state.

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Case no 1: Chitradurga District

Date: 24- 12- 2020 When Dummi went to a program to create awareness against superstitions and false money in Gollarhatti village, some people stopped Prakash K (38) of Madiga race of Holalkere taluk Kalkere village and threatened to kill him with unspoken words. Apart from that, they have made a fuss that they should pay a fine of 50,000 and give the reason for the mile to God. A case has been registered in Holalke Police Station regarding this.

Case no.2 Chitradurga District

Dated 12- 10-2021. At 11.30 a.m. Durgeshappa went to Veerabhadrappa Swamy temple near the lake in Siddapur village and while coming back Prasanna, Manoj and others from the same village joined him and insulted him that you are a low caste person who has come to our temple and insulted their god. A case has been registered in Chitradurga rural police station in this regard.

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Case no.3: Raichur District

In Jambaladinni village of Raichur district, untouchability is going on in Ramatnala Yelagatta Rodalbanda, Tavaga, Julagudda, Medinapur villages of Sindhanur taluk. In this context, Assistant Commissioner, Tehsildar and Assistant Director visited and held a peace meeting.

Not only this, in some villages of the state there have been cases of denial of entry to temples, obstruction of access to drinking water, access to ration shops, anganwadis etc. Social Welfare and Backward Classes Welfare said that legal action has been taken in such cases.

“It is a fact that untouchability is alive and well in the state. Even today Dalit officials do not have access to many villages. The high-level officials were crying that they were not being allowed inside the town because they were Dalits. Not only that, there have been incidents of denial of entry to politicians,” said BJP MLA Goolihatti D. Shekhar says.

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Speaking to ‘Vijay Karnataka Web’, he said, ‘If politicians have to go to villages, there is a necessity to act carefully. However, the politicians are not raising a fuss about this for fear of losing votes. The law to prevent untouchability should be tightened. If such incidents take place, a spontaneous case should be registered,’ he demanded.

It is doubtful that this could lead to conversion as a result of the practice of untouchability still existing. Christians have free entry into the town. However, Goolihatti Shekhar asks what justice means no Dalits.

Gentle harmony

In order to prevent the practice of untouchability, social welfare and backward classes welfare department has launched new awareness programs like Vinaya Harmoni across the state. Through this work is also going on to create awareness among the people. But what matters is how effective it will be.