Umesh Katti ‘Voice of North Karnataka has stopped…’ CM Basavaraj Bommai was in tears after thinking about Umesh’s sword.

Bengaluru: Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai, who was engaged in checking the rain disturbances, rushed to the hospital after learning about the sudden death of his cabinet colleague. Minister Umesh Katti buried his body and relived his memories. He came out of the hospital feeling emotional, improved momentarily and spoke to the media.

Basavaraja Bommai was moved to tears as Umesh Katthi spoke about the path he had walked, the work he had done and his friendliness. Unable to stop the pain that came to him, he continued to speak with tears in his eyes.
Umesh katti Minister Umesh Katthi passed away due to heart attack
Words spoken by Basavaraja Bommai:

Dearest brother, We and his family have been related for more than four decades. His father Vishwanath Katthi and our father had a close friendship. He collapsed and died there due to a heart attack during the assembly session. At that time Umesh Katthi, who was the youngest (25) was elected as the MLA. He never looked back. He emerged as the most prominent leader. He has been elected MLA the most times (eight times).

As a thinker in the interest of farmers, he has done good work as a member of the cabinet. He also served as a minister in JH Patel and BS Yeddyurappa’s cabinet. For the first time, our farmers worked hard to get a fair price for the millet and corn they grew.
Umesh Katti Body airlifted to Belgaum: Umesh Katti cremated at Bagewadi in Belgaum
His works were a testament to social anxiety and state consciousness. He played an important role in the Ghataprabha and Malafrabha projects. He had great knowledge about irrigation.

He was a personal enemy of Ajatasatru. He kept a sense of humor even in difficult situations. He used to explain the situation and suggest solutions. He was particularly concerned about North Karnataka.
Umesh Katti Death: Dignitaries condole the death of Food Minister Umesh Katti of Hukkeri.
Their friendship and love can never be forgotten. HD Deve Gowda and Yeddyurappa had close and friendly relations with all the important leaders of the state. Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai became emotional saying that I remember every moment with him.

He continued, ‘His contribution in the field of state cooperation is immense. He has contributed well in the cooperative field in electricity management. The voice of North Karnataka has stopped…’ he cried.
Umesh Katti: Umesh Katti entered the Legislative Assembly at the age of 25
A strong proponent of North Karnak Development:

Umesh Katthi is prominent among those who have condemned the discriminatory attitudes towards North Karnataka by the ruling governments.
Umesh Katti: The political path followed by Umesh Katti of Hukkeri who died of a heart attack
Even after the construction of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in Belgaum, when North Karnataka was not given equal priority to South Karnataka, he raised the cry of forming a ‘separate North Karnataka’ state. While this may be anathema to some, it has been found to be true by those who are suffering from regional disparity. As a minister himself, though a part of the government, a separate North Karnataka should be formed. Umesh Katthi has said many times that if a separate North Karnataka is formed, I will be the Chief Minister of the new state.