Umesh Katti Death | Bad weather: Delay in air lift of Umesh Katthi’s mortal remains

Bangalore: Due to inclement weather, there is a possibility that the air lift of the mortal remains of Minister Umesh Katthi from Bangalore’s HAL airport to Belgaum will be delayed. Due to the weather, the Air Ambulance plane has not yet received permission to take off.

In this background, it was said that the airlift would be done by a special flight arriving from Chennai, but it was not possible due to the weather problem there. In this context, a special flight will arrive from Hyderabad and reach the HAL airport at 10.30 am. It is known that the mortal remains will be airlifted to Belgaum through this plane.

Umesh katti Minister Umesh Katthi passed away due to heart attack
Elites receiving final darshan

Dignitaries are taking last darshan of Umesh Katthi’s body from HAL airport. Legislative Council member H. Ministers and MLAs including Vishwanath, Minister MTB Nagaraj are getting their last darshan.

CM Bommai to go to Belgaum

CM Basavaraj Bommai will leave for Belgaum to attend the funeral of minister Umesh Katti who died of heart attack. Minister R. along with him by special flight. Ashok will also leave. BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel has already left for Belgaum by road from Mangalore.

Umesh Katti Death | May Umesh Katthi’s soul rest in peace: Opposition leader Siddaramaiah condoles
Cremation with state honours

In the wake of the death of minister Umesh Katthi, the government has ordered to perform the last rites with state honours. An official order in this regard has been published by the state government. A day of mourning has been announced across the state in honor of the deceased. There will be no official entertainment programs during this period and the order mentions flying the national flag at half-mast on all government buildings where it is regularly flown. A holiday has been declared for all schools, colleges and government offices in Belgaum district.