Transfer difficulties for Khaki families; Performance under pressure; Praveen Sood letter to Govt

Manjunath Lagumenahalli Bangalore
Belgaum is about five hundred kilometers away. A few days ago it was known that the child was not feeling well. In the middle of the night, my wife took the child to the hospital and treated him. I was on Bandobast duty in the capital. A sick child was spoken to on a video call the other day…,” these are the sad words of a constable working in the city police commissionerate.

Yes, the repeal of State Civil Service Amendment Rule 16 (A) implemented in 2021 has caused hardship to government employees. There has been a disruption in the ‘family’ life of a state government employee couple. Especially the police department, which is the disciplinary department, is suffering from the staff and it is adversely affecting the duty.

Cases of husband-wife transfer have been at a standstill for eight months in the police department. No husband-wife transfer has taken place in Bangalore City Commissionerate, eight police zones. As a result, the family is on one side and the employees are working on the other side. Thousands of police personnel who want to give up their seniority and want to be transferred to other units remain in the files of senior police officers.
Technology technique of the police to find criminals! No problem for the innocent
No response to DGP’s letter
State Director General of Police Praveen Sood has tried to draw the attention of the government after noticing the requests for transfer of husband/wife and inter-zonal transfer. The DGP had written a letter to the additional secretary of the home department seeking permission to transfer husband/wife subject to seniority rules as police personnel need to work with physical and mental stamina. However, only the government has not responded to this.

Transfer required
Distressed police personnel lament that transfer of husband/wife is very necessary. In his letter to the government, police personnel work under pressure. In addition, there is an imperative to look after the welfare of his family. He said that there have been requests for husband/wife transfer citing medical reasons.

There was an opportunity before
According to the State Civil Service Rule 16(A), previously there was an opportunity to give up seniority and transfer to other police zones and districts. If husband/wife are two government employees, both can get transfer to same district. However, after repeal of 16(A), inter-zonal transfer is not allowed. Due to this, PSI, ASI, police constables and Group (C) (D) team of the department are in trouble.

It’s been 3 months since I saw my family
“I got married eight months ago. As wife is in government job, she is in North Karnataka district. I am in Bangalore. It’s been three months since I went home due to work pressure, not getting proper vacations. Who is listening to our difficulties? I am eligible for transfer to another sector on the basis of seniority. But the police personnel, who did not want to be named, expressed their pain as they were separated from their family as they were not transferred under 16(A).

What are the problems?

  • Disagreement between husband and wife
  • Away from relationships, attachments
  • Adverse on performance
  • Impact on mental health

A ‘couple’ of government employees should be allowed to work in the same sector. Abolition of 16(A) has caused a lot of trouble for Group C, D, Group. Therefore, the government should allow transfer of husband/wife.
B.M. Shashidhar President, State Police Association