Toll collection begins on Bangalore-Mysore highway: KSRTC bus passengers burdened with fees

Toll collection begins on Bangalore-Mysore highway: KSRTC bus passengers burdened with fees
Bengaluru: KSRTC has increased the fare of buses plying on the Bengaluru-Mysuru Dashpath highway (Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway) in the wake of toll collection.

Kaniminike between Bengaluru-Nidhaghatta has been collecting user fee from passengers plying on buses operating through the toll from Tuesday itself. User fees are being collected to cover the cost of tolls, the agency said in a release.
Bengaluru – Mysuru Expressway: Govt is pick pocketing common man by starting Dashpath toll – DK Shivakumar
Passengers traveling in Karnataka Transport buses plying on this highway will be charged Rs 15 each, Rajahansa buses Rs 18 each and multi-axle buses Rs 20 each. Collection of fees is mandatory. This charge is applicable only for passengers traveling in express highway buses. Not applicable for other buses. The chief traffic manager of the organization said that this system is being followed in all the toll roads.

Hydrama at Expressway Toll Plaza

Ramanagara: The Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway toll collection, which began on Tuesday amid protests that user fees should not be collected till the completion of the service road, witnessed a lot of hydramas. While many vehicles were stranded due to a technical problem, there was much confusion as to which lane belonged to the emergency services.

Outrage over Bengaluru Mysuru Expressway toll collection; Protest by Congress and pro-Kannada organizations

Toll collection has started after Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially inaugurated the expressway two days ago. There was a lot of protest and commotion on the first day itself, although the toll collection work was carried out for the whole day under the vigilance of the police.
Toll Collection: Bangalore-Mysore Expressway; Toll collection, police presence from March 14
Those traveling towards Mysore had to pay the toll fee at Kanaminaki near Hejjala and those going towards Bangalore had to pay the toll fee at Seshagirihalli. While various pro-Kannada organizations and lawyers staged a dharna near Kanaminaki toll plaza, Congress workers staged a protest near Seshagirihalli. The police department did not give permission to hold the dharna for a long time. Thus, the protestors were taken into custody by the police and loaded into the van.

TENS PROBLEM: As the sensor near the toll plaza was not working, the boom barriers were falling on the car glass and collisions. Due to this, government vehicles were damaged. Thus, the riders expressed their anger that they will not leave the place until they are compensated.

Bengaluru Mysuru Expressway Toll: Sensor failure on first day of toll collection, damage to cars

Service road not provided. The public also highlighted the shortcomings of not implementing the price list. The drivers had an argument with the toll staff saying that they had not been ordered by the KSRTC and BMTC department to pay the toll. While the police intervened and made the bus driver pass the toll, they received a complaint from the distraught vehicle owner.
Bengaluru – Mysuru Expressway: Dashpath toll collection on the first day of technical problem, protest hot; Motorists are serious
135 for one-way traffic in the background of not scanning the toll. Those who had to pay, 170 Rs. Had to give cash of Rs. Riders had to wait for 10 to 20 minutes even on the highway due to traffic jam. Half a km long vehicles were waiting.

D.K.Sivakumar paid the toll

KPCC President D.K.Sivakumar who was arriving towards Ramanagara was charged Rs 270 for one-way traffic near Kanaminaki toll plaza. Traveled by paying Rs. “The BJP government is pickpocketing people. Our activists have been detained by the police. I have paid the toll so that I too will not be taken into custody. I didn’t have fasttag. So I am going to Ramanagara by paying Rs. 270,” said DK Shivakumar.
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In the beginning it is normal!

Controversies are common when tolls are introduced. However, the officials of the National Highway Authority have been instructed to report on the first day of toll collection on the Mysore-Bangalore Dashpath highway. Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai said that the toll collection dispute will be resolved soon.

* The first day is quite a problem. Technical problems will be fixed from Wednesday.

– Sridhar, Project Director, National Highways Authority

* 20 km on this highway as there is no service road. m. Distance has to be covered. 147 for this distance. Why pay toll? Is this fair?

-Rajeev, a taxi driver

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