Those who threaten peace and order are bound by the statement of militants: BK Hariprasad

Bangalore: Terrorists are the ones who threaten peace and order in the state, try to sow poison in the garden of peace of all nations, and build up a wall of hatred between religions. In my political history, there is no ulterior motive, no pulpit, no congressional doctrine and my statement that I should be arrested under such hooliganism, the Terrorist Suppression Act. My statement is very clear and I am still committed to it.

Azan v / s Bhajan is loud: only government is silent, says Vatal Nagaraj

In a press statement on Monday, he said that the secular self-proclaimed Hindutva organizations (not Hindutva), including Srirama Sena, have been tied to the rule of the BJP government. The full-time duty of these organizations is to build a wall of hatred between religion. Many things including hijab, halal, azan are being painted communal. The government is supporting the pseudo-radical organizations like Srirama Sena and Bajrang Dal to cover up for its failures. The government’s 40% commission said there is no doubt that crores of rupees in illegal recruitment are helping the activities of such organizations.

Loud Speaker Conflict Intensified in State

The state government has completely failed to maintain peace and order in the state. On the one hand, the communal organizations, on the other, are functioning systematically to disturb the peace of the state. The Supreme Court’s direction in the case of Azan is not in our favor. Under the Constitution, all religions in the country have the right to practice their religion. There is no opposition to the chanting of Hanuman Chalis, let alone in their homes. Should the bhajana be heard without the kicking of the communal ritualists who say they will chant in front of the mosque? That is.

Azan v / s Bhajan: DK Sivakumar is a deliberate act of quarreling

Law enforcement has been around since the birth of the Congress party. There is no need to learn from screaming. Some media outlets have twisted my statement. But as a fourth part of democracy, there is no need to mislead society and incite hatred among religions, BK Hariprasad said.