There is a possibility of rain damage in the House: Congress is preparing to attack the government by mentioning Bengaluru floods

Bangalore: Congress has decided to attack the ruling party by raising the issue of Bengaluru rain and flood damage in the assembly. There was a discussion about this in the Assembly Activities Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting held on Monday and it was decided to hold a discussion on the rain emergency for two days from Tuesday.

Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah demanded to allow a discussion on the rain disaster in a meeting chaired by Speaker Vishweshwar Hegade Kageri. In response to this, the ruling party has agreed to hold a discussion regarding the rain emergency and relief for the first two days. Under Rule 69, the Congress will raise the issue in the House.

Mahadevpur and Bommahalli were damaged on a large scale due to the heavy rains that lashed Bengaluru last Sunday. IT-BT companies also suffered huge losses due to rainwater infiltration.

Against this backdrop, businessman Mohan Das Pai also raised his voice about this. Along with that, CM Basavaraja had written a letter to the Union of IT Companies. In the meantime, the state government is conducting an operation to clear encroachment on Rajkalu.

One kilometer of Rajkaalu has been cleared in Mahadevpur of the city. A total of 15 encroachments on five sides have been cleared. All these issues are likely to be discussed in the House on Tuesday.

The issue of encroachment and rain damage has led to a political backlash. CM Basavaraja Bommai had blamed the previous Congress government for the rain damage in Bengaluru. But the Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah gave a sharp response to this.

This issue will be discussed again in the House. Siddaramaiah is preparing to hold a debate in the House with figures on how much eviction was done during the Congress period. Overall, the rain damage discussion is likely to be held in the House.

Presentation of four bills

Four bills will be tabled in the assembly on Tuesday. The Protection of Interest of Depositors (Amendment) Bill for Financial Institutions will be introduced in 2022.

Apart from that, Karnataka Land Revenue (Amendment) Bill, 2022, Karnataka Municipalities (Amendment) Bill, 2022 and Karnataka Sericulture, Silkworm and Silk Yarn (Production, Supply, Distribution and Sale Exchange) (Amendment) Bill, 2022 will be tabled.