The new legislators saluted the steps of Vidhansouda! Ravi Ganiga came in a bullock cart

The new legislators saluted the steps of Vidhansouda!  Ravi Ganiga came in a bullock cart
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Bengaluru: Many newly elected MLAs entered Vidhana Soudha after saluting the steps.

Arriving for the assembly session, some of the new MLAs entered the West Gate of Vidhana Soudha by bowing to the steps.

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MLAs Uday Garudachar, Konreddy, Vishwas Vaidya, Ganesh Prasad, Bhagirathi Muralya saluted the steps and entered the Vidhana Soudha.

Meanwhile, Mandya MLA Ravi Ganiga arrived at Vidhana Soudha in a bullock cart. He attracted attention by arriving in a bullock cart with his supporters.

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Former minister TB Jayachandra spoke about the selection of the Speaker’s post in Vidhan Sabha and said, “I don’t know that my name has been proposed for the post. There are many senior people who have obtained a law degree. I’m not the only one. He said that it can be done as soon as possible after the cabinet expansion session is over.

DCM DK Shivakumar spoke about the rain damage in the state and said that everything will be fixed and your cooperation is needed.

Earlier, DKSI, who gave a response to the media near SM Krishna’s residence, said that he is being sworn in as a new member of the Legislative Assembly today, and the former Chief Minister who has given me political encouragement, S.M. It is my duty to seek Krishna’s blessings. So I have come to visit his residence and seek his blessings and guidance. He has published a book called Bangalore History. Krishna has given this book with great foresight, he said.

In response to a question about the rain that killed two people in Bengaluru, a 27-year-old youth was swept away by the rain in Batarayanapura today, he said, ‘It is unfortunate that such an incident happened in the major areas of Bangalore last night. Wherever we are, we have to be very vigilant near canals. In the past, the central government had given a lot of assistance to the infrastructure development of cities through the Narm scheme. It remains to be seen to what extent central government schemes for cities have been utilized. Now bring a report on the major underpasses of the city and take precautions so that this does not happen in these areas. It is our duty to save every life’, he said.

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