Terrorists campaigning against Azan: BK Hariprasad

Bangalore: Opposition leader BK Hariprasad has barraged that those campaigning against Azan are terrorists.

Speaking on Monday in Vikasudha, he insisted that “whoever launches a campaign against Azan is a terrorist.

Azan v / s Bhajan: DK Sivakumar says that it is deliberate and quarrelsome work

Anti-social forces are being used to cover up the government’s failure. He was also a barbarian against the government, as he had various octopuses in the Sangh Parivar and was doing his job.

Whoever is trying to disturb the peace of the society is called a terrorist and arrested under the UAPA.

Shri Rama Sena has launched a campaign against Azazan. Hindus’ organizations have argued that the Supreme Court’s order on noise pollution is not enforced.

Azan v / s Bhajan is loud: only government is silent, says Vatal Nagaraj

Azan versus Bhajan is currently causing a conflict in the state. Already, Home Minister Aaruga Gnanendra has warned that the state government will take stern action against the law enforcers.

Loud Speaker Conflict Intensified in State

The eminent do not stand up to Azan

Vijayanagar (Hospet): Srirama Sena Divisional President Sanjeev Maradi said that the mosque does not stop at the mosque until the mosque stands.

On Monday, Hanuman gave chanting to the chanting of a chant near the Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Padapatti in Hosapet.

We’ll have a legal fight against the government. People are suffering from the stubbornness of the Muslim. It is the Taliban, not Pakistan. Hathaway is not right. He accused you of allowing yourself to conflict.

In the city, there have been allegations of trespassing in the shrines for the past one month. Hazan violates Supreme Court order in mosques. So devotional songs are put through sound amplifiers. Only azan should be placed in the mosque for 100 meters. He made it clear that the loudspeaker in the shrines would not decrease as long as it did not.