Technical fault in 108 helpline: Necessary action to avoid inconvenience to people: Minister Sudhakar

Bangalore: 108 – Some technical problems have arisen in the Ambulance Services helpline and action has been taken accordingly. Health and Medical Education Minister said that the people of the state should not be worried about this. K. Sudhakar clarified.

A problem has arisen in the IT hardware, which will be resolved soon by GVK – EMRI, which has been contracted. The department has taken many steps to ensure that the public should not be inconvenienced in any way. 108 – Helpline calls automatically receive calls and allocate ambulance vehicles within 2 minutes.

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Due to technical problem now this process is taking 6 to 7 minutes. Instead of 7 to 8 thousand calls every day, only 2 to 2.5 thousand calls are being received.

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All hospitals have already been advised to give first priority to inter-facility transfers. It has been suggested that those working in the ambulance should also receive calls on their personal mobile numbers and render necessary services. Minister Dr. has been instructed to provide emergency services to the people by creating manual IDs. K. Sudhakar said.

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Instead of 2-3 staff in the 112 helpline providing emergency services, it is suggested to assign 7-8 staff there. Through this, calls are diverted to 108 helpline team head, thereby generating manual ID and arranging ambulance. In addition to this, the pressure on 108- Helpline is also being reduced by using 104- Helpline. Missed calls are also being taken into consideration and steps have been taken to increase the number of agents on the 108 helpline, the minister said.

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