Talk of ‘money-enemy’ in the House: Siddaramaiah questions BC Patil, Ashok says both Andhra and Telangana are the same

Bengaluru: When is monsoon over? Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah asked Agriculture Minister B.C. Patil to answer the question and there was a flurry of confusion in the Legislative Assembly. In addition, Revenue Minister R.Ashok’s speech that ‘No Money No Problem’ got interesting discussion in the House.

While the Revenue Minister Ashok was answering regarding the flood damage under Rule 69, former Minister KJ George said that there is no allegation against Siddaramaiah regarding the encroachment of the lake. Not only that, Siddaramaiah said 100% no. However, Ashok pointed out that Siddaramaiah has his detractors.
Bengaluru Lakes: How many lakes are covered in Bengaluru? R. Ashok opened the list in the House
At this time, Siddaramaiah intervened and said, ‘Ashok more strong more enemies. less strong less enemies…no strong no enemies…’ he said. To this, Ashok responded by saying ‘more money more problems, less money less problems, no money no problems…’.

Siddaramaiah’s question about Monsoon, Agriculture Minister B C Patil !

There was also an incident where Agriculture Minister BC Patil got angry on Siddaramaiah’s question about Monsoon. When Agriculture Minister BC Patil came forward to give information about sowing, Siddaramaiah intervened and asked when the monsoon is over. Is monsoon over or not? He questioned.
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‘No, it’s over, it’s not over..’ BC Patil replied confusedly. Siddaramaiah asked again how long the monsoon will last after sowing. To this, BC Patil replied that Chamarajanagar Mysore will start from March. Siddaramaiah retorted that it was the east monsoon.

Ashok said that Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are the same
Investigation on the closure of Bangalore Lake: CM Basavaraja Bommai’s announcement in the House

I don’t know if a minister from Andhra earlier said that he had told IT companies to come to Andhra Pradesh and leave it to the KCR government minister’s statement. The Congress member corrected that Telangana, not Andhra. Ashok said that Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are all the same. When the Congress member said no, it is different, he corrected that it is different now.

How many lakes are covered in Bangalore?
CM Bommai: Attempt to cover lakes during Congress: CM Bommai

How many lakes are covered in Bangalore? In this regard, Revenue Minister R. Ashok released the list in the Legislative Assembly on Monday. He explained that the lakes have been used for other purposes since 1963.

28 calls have been blocked by an organization in Bengaluru. BBMP has closed five lakes, BDA has approved one call for closure and private encroachers have closed 7 lakes. He explained that a total of 42 calls have been closed in Bangalore.