State’s Maternal Mortality Rate Decline: Promotion from 8th to 7th

BENGALURU: The state has seen a decrease in maternal mortality rate (per lakh) from 83 to 69. The SRS (Sample Registration System) report released every two years by the Union Health Ministry has informed about the ratio of maternal mortality during childbirth.

According to the 2016-18 report, 92 mothers died for every one lakh deliveries in the state. In 2017-19, the death rate was reduced by 83 percent. Currently down to 69, the state has been promoted from 8th position to 7th position. Only states with more than one lakh births per year are being considered for the survey. Thus, 19 states of the country were surveyed.

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The central government had set a target of reducing the maternal mortality ratio to 70 by 2030. But all South Indian states including Karnataka have reached this target eight years earlier. The Karnataka government has set a target to reduce it to 50 by 2025 and 10-20 by 2030,” said Dr. N. Rajkumar.

Maternal mortality has increased in Raichur, Bidar, Yadgiri, Kalaburagi, Chamarajanagar, Udupi and Shimoga districts of the state. More attention will be given in these districts in the coming days. 85 government hospitals in the state have received the target certificate. “The government is thinking of opening more maternal and child hospitals to prevent maternal deaths,” he said.

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Kerala First – Assam Last for the country

Kerala (19), Maharashtra (33), Telangana (43), Andhra Pradesh (45) and Tamil Nadu (54) are the top five states with the lowest death rate. Assam (195) ranks last in this list. Compared to the five southern states, Karnataka reports the highest number of maternal deaths.

The maternal mortality rate in the country has come down to 97. It was 103 in 2017-19. It was 130 in 2014-16, 122 in 2015-17 and 113 in 2016-18.

People should be aware to reduce maternal mortality rate. The doctor’s advice should be strictly followed. The Deputy Director of the State Maternal and Child Health Quality Department Dr. N said that delivery should be given priority in the hospital. Rajkumar said.

Karnataka maternal mortality rate
Year of Death
2011- 13133