State BJP leaders have no face, Modi holds face: Kumaraswamy

Bangalore: BJP leaders in the state are not able to face people. Because development work is not done. Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming face to face with the people.

The prime ministers did not come during a state flood, nor did Modi come at any time of hardship. Modi followed the stepmother’s attitude towards the state in every respect. Thus the state BJP leaders have no face to go before the people. So, he said, he is going to put Modi in front of him.

Modi, who is planning a suburban rail project, is getting a lot of publicity: Kumaraswamy

Addressing the media at the party’s state office JP Bhavan, Kumaraswamy said that Prime Minister Modi’s campaign in Bengaluru has begun, not from the BJP government. But, he said, I am just getting started. It was Narendra Modi’s saree.

He said in forty months, the amount allocated for the project in the budget is only one crore rupees. Arun Jaitley was then Union Finance Minister. Former chief ministers have blamed the Rs.

The central government is procuring a huge financial resource from the city of Bangalore for GST, oil and other taxes. However, the Modi government is ignoring the Bangalore development issue. Kumaraswamy complained that the Center was doing us a disservice by getting our tax money.

Nationalization of Operation Lotus

HD Kumaraswamy alleged that the BJP was nationalizing and implementing the Kamala campaign, Kamala, an immoral and immoral politics.

The BJP has already come to power through Operation Lotus in several states. In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP has come to power in a similar direction. It was supposed to happen in Rajasthan, but did not. He was outraged that he was doing it now in Maharashtra.

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I walked with tolerance when Operation Lotus was conducted in the state. No riot, no uproar was allowed. Shiv Sena is not comfortable in Maharashtra. Former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said that party workers and people of that state should act with patience.

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