Special grant for construction of Karnataka Chhatra at Sabarimala, Mantralaya: Sasikala Jolle

Bangalore: Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai has released a special grant for the construction of Karnataka Chhatra for the benefit of pilgrims going from Karnataka to pilgrimage places outside the state. Mujarai, Haj and Waqf Minister Sasikala Jolla said in a release that facilities will be developed to facilitate the pilgrims of the state.

The government led by Basavaraja Bommai has given the largest amount of grants in the last 10 years for the development of various temples, mathas and Karnataka chatras in the state. He has also given special priority to the construction and development of Karnataka Chatras for the convenience of pilgrims in famous religious pilgrimage places outside the state which are visited by a large number of people.

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Construction and development of huts everywhere
CM Basavaraja Bommai had instructed the Finance Department to release special grants for the construction and development of Karnataka Chatras in Sabarimala, Mantralaya and Pandarapura. An official order has been issued in this regard. He said that I have congratulated the Chief Minister for giving more support to the development of the department by giving more grants.

A huge grant of Rs 232 crore was given for the construction of Karnataka Bhavan in Tirumala last year, and the construction work of the Bhavan has progressed in full swing. A grant of Rs 85 crore has already been sanctioned for the construction of the new Karnataka Chhatra in Srishaila, Andhra Pradesh, and the construction work will begin soon.