Smart City: Smart City is colored by rain; 299 works have not taken off!

Nagaraju Ashwathth, Bangalore Rural
Bangalore: Out of the 100 cities of the country, the Smart City work undertaken in 7 district centers of the state continues to lag. It has been 7 years since the start of the Smart City project. We have a lot of confusions that head rope smart is tangled. According to the state government, 80 percent of the project has been completed. Soon 7 cities will be smart. But district wise ground report

The truth is different
Out of a total of 889 works under the Smart City project in a total of 7 cities including Bangalore, Tumkur and Davangere, 590 have been completed. 299 works have not been taken off. However, strong objections are being raised in 7 district centers regarding the quality of works which have already been completed. Allegations of being unscientific and poor have been heard. The public of the respective districts are alleging that the government is showing some painted works only to submit documents to the centre, and crores of rupees have been wasted due to poor works, and the government must take action in this regard.

Under the Smart City project, works are being done to modernize the cities with infrastructure including roads, drainage, lakes, parks, ancient sites, and even the slightest rain is showing the color of development. Thus, if complaints are submitted at the door of Lokayukta in Hubli, continuous protests are going on in Shimoga. The public is expressing outrage that the government has found a way to siphon money under the guise of ‘Smart City’ instead of general development.

Work? Kamagory?

  • Tumkur: Out of 35 wards, only 7 wards are working under the Smart City project, and there are allegations of poor quality in some places.
  • Shimoga: All the roads developed under the project are in a dilapidated state, so far 7 protests have been made by the Shimoga Citizens’ Welfare Forum.
  • Hubli-Dharwad: There are allegations of poor quality in road, lake and park works, a complaint has been lodged with the Lokayukta.
  • Davangere: According to the Municipal Corporation, there are 204 km of dirt roads and the already constructed roads are poor.
  • Mangalore: Except some roundabouts, Rathbeedi development, clock tower work has been completed, road, parks, drainage, development works are all pending.
  • Bengaluru: There have been allegations of unscientific construction of roads, sewers and footpaths in the state capital.
  • Belgaum: Digital library, smart classes and roads, infrastructure are developing, people need to be given clarity about smart city plans.

SmartCity Nationwide Position

  • Tumkur 7
  • Shimoga 9
  • Belgaum 10
  • Bangalore 17
  • Davangere 21
  • Hubli-Dharwad 28
  • Mangalore 31

Percentage of marks given by public

  • Tumkur 75%
  • Belgaum 70%
  • Bangalore 60%
  • Hubli 45%
  • Davangere 60%
  • Shimoga 60%
  • Mangalore 40%

Expenditure Details (Upto August)

  • 13,688 crore Rs. A total of 889 works at cost
  • A total of 590 works have been completed in 7 smart cities and 5068 crores have been spent
  • 295 works are pending at a cost of 8108 crores

Public opinion?

  • Separate building for smart cities at crores of rupees, objection to staff placement
  • Real estate boom started under the guise of smart city
  • Why a project with a new name for the ongoing works?
  • Poor in road, lake, infrastructure development
  • Difficulty in daily traffic, urgent completion of works.
  • Clear the confusion as to which project is covered by Smart City.

Work status
Under the Smart City project, 152 out of 220 works have been completed in Belgaum, 81 out of 126 in Davangere, 54 out of 76 in Hubli-Dharwad, 40 out of 86 in Mangalore, 73 out of 102 in Shimoga, 177 out of 228 in Tumkur, and 13 out of 51 in Bangalore. Nodal officer of the project N. Srinivas said that 590 works with a total cost of 5068 crores have been completed in 7 cities and it has been ranked 3rd in the country.
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Complaint to Lokayukta

The Smart City project in Hubli is almost unscientific and many projects are completely poor. Importantly, many attractive works, including Indira Glasshouse, Mahatma Gandhi Park, which was restarted at a cost of 4.50 crores, including the miniature train system, got colored on the inauguration day itself. Most of the old things in this park have been given new paint. Besides, the chaos of the footpath built under Smart City is not unheard of. In addition, even though grants have been poured thrice to Gholanakere and Unakkallakere, there is no benefit. Hubli’s Mahatma Gandhi Park Development Forum convener Basavaraja Teradala said that even though more grants were earmarked for lakes and parks under the Smart City project, there was no benefit and a complaint was submitted to the Lokayuktu.

Smart corruption
The asphalt of 100 feet of the road here was removed in just 1 year, and the road was completely covered with bumps. If a senior official has suggested to fix the work here, which has violated all the regulations of the central government, there is no such person as Carey. This is smart corruption and the government has to face it at least now.
Vasantakumar, General Secretary, Shimoga Citizens Welfare Forum
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Despite the lockdown and incessant rains, Smart City projects are being implemented in a series of meetings regarding quality across the state, and the Chief Minister has instructed to complete the works by June 2023.
Bairati Basavaraju, Urban Development Minister