Silent killer lung cancer..! 7 times increase in the next 3 years..!

Mahabaleshwar Kalkani
The incidence of lung cancer in metro cities is increasing day by day and the number of people suffering from lung cancer in the country is likely to increase sevenfold by 2025, according to a study report by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Data were compiled from 28 population-based and 58 hospital-based cancer registries. According to the study report, 22,645 lung cancer patients were diagnosed between 2012 and 2016. This number will increase to 1.61 lakh by 2025.

Important indications of lung cancer in men
Lung cancer is rampant in the state as well. About 87 thousand people are suffering from various cancers every year. Out of this, about 4,200 people develop lung cancer.

Every year 600-700 lung cancer patients are being admitted for treatment at Kidwai, a prestigious cancer hospital of the state. 70% of them are men and 30% are women. 80% of people come for treatment after reaching stage 3 and 4. In this, 95% of people are in a condition where surgery cannot be done. Therefore, it is possible to save only 05% of people suffering from lung cancer,” says the director of Kidwai Memorial Ganti Institute, Dr. C. Ramachandra.

The main reason for the increase in lung cancer cases is the late detection of the disease. It is a very fast spreading disease. The doctor says that within a month or two of the disease, the entire lung is covered.

What is the origin of lung cancer?
Lung cancer is a deadly disease. Lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer. While the survival rate for lung cancer is 33%, it is only 4% in India. The age group of 55-70 is dying in large numbers. In particular, its rate is 4.5 times higher in men than in women, says the medical director of Nura. Tauseef Ahmed Tangalwadi.

What are the symptoms?

– Cough that starts small suddenly becomes excessive

– Bloody sputum when coughing, with great chest pain

– Shortness of breath, fatigue and body weakness

– Decrease in body weight along with loss of appetite

– Pneumonia or bronchitis infection

Control of lung cancer by causative agent of chili pepper

A quick inspection is required

There is a lack of screening tools to detect any cancer at an early stage. Lung cancer patients are diagnosed only after the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. A screening tool can detect the disease very quickly. Screening is recommended for men aged 55-75 who smoke, according to cancer experts.

Smoking is also a cause

The main causes of lung cancer are pollution and smoking. More people are getting lung cancer due to heavy traffic, fumes from factories, second hand smoke and kitchen smoke. Also lung infections and a family history of lung cancer. Dr. says that the possibility of lung cancer is also increased due to improper sorting of e-waste. Ramachandra.

Cancer is just a disease, not death.. Take care of the patient with love: Minister Sudhakar