Siddaramaiah: Undecided constituency choice: Kolar or Varuna? Siddaramaiah in confusion

Bangalore: The constituency from which Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah will contest is yet to be finalised. Whether he will contest from Kolar or Varuna is yet to be finalised. As a result, Siddaramaiah’s constituency selection is a nest of confusion.

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Siddaramaiah, who contested and won the Badami constituency, has decided not to contest from Badami in this election. Instead, it was said that he will enter the fray from Kolar itself. As a complement to this, Siddaramaiah, who had toured Kolar, tried to understand the pulse of the people.

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Siddaramaiah, who had conducted a survey at the grassroots level in Kolar, had made an effort to know what the opinion of the people was. Meanwhile, there has been some opposition to Siddaramaiah’s contest in Kolar. It is said that the difference between the Congress leaders is also likely to cause a setback to Siddaramaiah’s contest in Kolar.

Others, including Siddaramaiah’s close friend Ramesh Kumar, have advised Siddhu to contest from Kolar. But the disagreement between Ramesh Kumar and Muniyappa in Kolar has become a headache for Siddaramaiah. These two leaders are openly scornful. Siddaramaiah is worried that the lack of coordination between the two may create further confusion in the field.

Is Varuna safe?

Varuna Siddaramaiah’s home constituency. Siddaramaiah had sacrificed Varuna Kshetra for his son. But some close friends are advising Siddaramaiah to contest from Varuna constituency in this election. Siddaramaiah also has not announced any decision in this regard. Siddaramaiah is confused about his son’s political future whether to contest in Varuna constituency or not.

Decision by December?

Although Siddaramaiah applied for the ticket, he did not mention which constituency. Instead, they have left it to the decision of the high command. But it is said that the high command has instructed Siddaramaiah to conduct the field finals by December. All in all, Siddu Kshetra’s final choice is still a cause for curiosity.