Siddaramaiah: Should have been named ‘Jana Mardana’ not Janaspandana: Siddaramaiah Kidi

Bangalore: A program called Janaspandan has been organized to mark the anniversary of the Basavaraja Bommai government of the state. Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah said that it should have been named ‘Jana Mardana’ and not ‘Janaspandan’.

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He has given a press statement about this and said that the people have been shocked due to the corruption, mismanagement and false statements of the BJP government in the last three years. Where is the freedom of expression for people to respond? If the opposition parties question him, CBI, ED, IT will attack and threaten him. If citizens ask questions, they file false cases and put them in jail. How do people react? Asked that.

If the people are allowed to speak freely, their popularity may be washed away in the public outcry. BJP’s achievement of three years means lies, corruption and misrule. His party ministers and MLAs are saying that the BJP government in the state is riddled with corruption. On the other hand, the Contractors Association, Federation of Educational Institutions should write a letter directly to Prime Minister Modi. The State High Court has not once, not twice, taken the state government directly to task for government corruption.

Corruption is the business of Anti-Corruption Bureau, Swayam CCB is the biggest corrupt den, its head ADGP is a tainted officer. It was the state high court judge who said that the ACB office is for the collection center, not us. If you give 2000 crore rupees to the high command, you will become the chief minister. His party MLA Basavanagowda Patil Yatnal has retorted that the former chief minister’s son is taking bribes.

K Sudhakar: BJP’s second trailer released in Doddaballapur on September 8, Dr. K. Sudhakar

BJP Legislative Council member H. Vishwanath was the first to tell the ED state that 2 thousand crore kickbacks were received in the Bhadra Upper Bank Project. It was not us who complained to the Governor in March 2021 that Chief Minister Yeddyurappa’s and others’ children were playing their hand in my account, it was KS Eshwarappa who was a minister in his government. Kanakagiri MLA Basavaraja Dadesugur has said that he gave the bribe recovered in the PSI recruitment scam to the government. It is not us, but the President of the Contractors Association who have written to the Prime Minister that 40% commission must be paid in government works, otherwise the bill will not be passed. He also criticized that the Union of Private Educational Institutions (Rupsa) wrote a letter to the Prime Minister about the corruption in the education department and not us.

Rupsa mentioned in the complaint that the officials of the education department, who had previously given permission to start private schools despite the lack of infrastructure, are now doing side business in the name of compliance with building safety and fire safety guarantee rules. His party legislators and ministers are witnessing the corruption of the state government. He has criticized that the program can be successful if they stand in a row on the stage and attract people.

The PSI recruitment scandal is now national news. Investigation reports say that everyone including ministers, ex-ministers and their children are involved in this scam. Crores of rupees have been extorted from the greedy youth. An ADGP level officer has been arrested. The future of 54,000 youths is now in darkness. Not only that. In its charge sheet, the CID has mentioned irregularities in the written examination conducted by KPSC for the recruitment of FDA, SDA, PWD and JE as well as police constables.

KPTCL Exam Irregularity Like SI Karmakanda The Karnataka Examination Authority has started an investigation regarding the irregularity in the competitive exam conducted by KPTCL for the recruitment of junior engineers. The state also ranks fourth in corruption in the latest figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). It said that the state has come fourth on the basis of cases filed in the state for wealth gain, bribe acceptance.

Bangalore Development Authority is a den of bribery. Along with Home Minister Araga Gyanendra, BDA has allocated expensive replacement plots to four people. Violating the Supreme Court’s order that the developed barangays and plots seized from encroachers should be sold through auction, the BDA has secretly allotted expensive alternative plots to four persons, including a sitting minister and a former MP. In relation to this, BDA Commissioner Rajesh Gowda MB Rajesh Gowda was removed by the government after the Supreme Court notice.

1136.63 crore corruption of Kushtagi sub-division, Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam by carrying out works favoring Scheduled Castes and Tribes and having no beneficiaries is true to the fore. An order has been issued on February 16, 2022 to investigate the allegations against Prabhakhar M. Chini, the retired managing director of the corporation, who is said to be involved in the case, and to investigate the veracity of the case.

A video has been revealed showing irregularities in the Junior Engineer Recruitment Examinations of the Public Works Department held on December 13, 2021. KPSC conducted these exams. He said that the video of him sitting in the lodge and providing the correct answers to the examinees through bluetooth has been revealed.

They are blackmailing that they will expose the scams of our time. We are not afraid of their false threats. He was in power for eleven of the last sixteen years. If you dare, add it and investigate. He challenged us that we are ready to face the investigation.