Siddaramaiah Security increased at Siddaramaiah’s residence amid life threat

Bengaluru: Security has been increased at the residence of Opposition leader Siddaramaiah in the wake of life threats. Security has been increased at Siddaramaiah’s government residence near Sivananda Circle and a metal detector has been installed.

An egg was thrown on Siddaramaiah’s car while he was on a trip in Kodagu district. Also, a stone was thrown wrapped in a cloth. There was widespread outrage over this incident.
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Congress leaders including Siddaramaiah have alleged that this is a government-sponsored protest. Meanwhile, Siddaramaiah’s son MLA Yatindra claimed that there was a threat to his life.

In the background of all this, Siddaramaiah’s residence has been given extra security. Four staff members have been appointed. A metal detector has been installed to check the people entering the house.
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At present there are ten guards for their security. There is a pilot vehicle and an escort vehicle. It is known that additional security personnel will be increased in the coming days.

CM Basavaraja Bommai has already said that the matter of Siddaramaiah’s life threat will be taken seriously. CM Bommai himself spoke to Siddaramaiah. Security is being increased now.

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Curfew for four days from 24th in Kodagu:

Mysore: A curfew has been enforced across Kodagu district from 6 am on August 24 to 6 pm on August 27 as a precautionary measure in the wake of events to be held separately on August 26 by Congress and BJP.

When the former chief minister and leader of the opposition Siddaramaiah visited Kodagu district on August 18, BJP workers showed black flags and pelted eggs, on August 26, Congress organized a siege of the Kodagu district police office under the leadership of opposition leader Siddaramaiah.
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It has been said that about one lakh people will join the program. On the same day, BJP called for a public awareness conference at Gandhi Maidan, and there is information that efforts are being made to include 1 lakh workers in this conference as well. In this background, Kodagu District Collector has ordered to enforce prohibition order across the district in order to maintain communal harmony, law and order.

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Ban on sale of liquor:

That. An order has been issued banning the sale of liquor in all liquor shops, bars and restaurants and clubs in the district from 12 midnight on 24th to 12 midnight on 26th.