Siddaramaiah Question To BSY: Siddaramaiah Asks 17 Questions To BSY Not To Criticize PM Modi

Bangalore: Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah has asked 17 questions to former CM BS Yeddyurappa not to criticize Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yeddyurappa had recently called on the activists to protest against Modi’s critics at a Janasankalpa yatra. In this background, Siddaramaiah has put forward these questions.

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Yeddyurappa said that if the answers are given in writing or by coming to an open discussion, if those answers bring comfort to the people of the state, at least to the BJP workers, then the people of the state will decide whether Modi is worthy of criticism or criticism.

  • Before 2014, Manmohan Singh government waived off how many loans of farmers? How many loans of corporate capitalists like Ambani, Adani were waived off? Tell me how many loans have been waived by anyone since Modi came to power?
  • How much tax people were paying before Modi came to power? How much tax was paid by corporate capitalists? How much is it now? Why increased the tax on the people and reduced the tax on Adani Ambani by 8%?
  • Before 2014, how much cess was levied on petrol, diesel? What is the amount of cess imposed by Modi? Because of this, how much was the price of petrol and diesel in the past? How much is it now? What was the average price of crude oil for 10 years before 2014? What are the average crude oil prices since 2014? What was the unemployment rate in the country before 2014? How much is it now?
  • Before 2014, how much debt was there on the heads of the farmers and the people of the country? How much is it now? What was the income of farmers and other communities? How much is it now? Before 2014, the ratio of women workers was 32 percent, but now it has dropped to 21 percent. Isn’t Modi government’s anti-women policies the reason?
  • Before 2014, the country had 53 lakh crores, but now it has increased to 155 lakh crores, and it is not Modi who bankrupted the country? What is the reason why the state debt rose from Rs 2.42 lakh crore before 2018 to Rs 5.30 to 5.40 lakh crore by the end of this year?
  • Before 2014, how much taxes, cesses, additional excise duties were collected by the Center from Karnataka from various sources? How much are collecting now? How much is allocated to Karnataka? They are stealing up to 3.5 lakh crores from Karnataka every year and distributing only 30 thousand crores of tax to us. Is this justice? Due to this, the state is losing at least 60 thousand crores this year compared to 2018-19 and 2019-20.

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  • Before 2014, how much subsidy was given by central government on cooking cylinder? How many subsidies are being given now? From 1947 to 2014, how many public sector companies/organizations/enterprises were established by the central government? How much was privatized by the predecessors?
  • Yeddyurappa should say whether after 2014 Modi is selling everything without establishing a single company/institution, is it a good administration or a bad administration. Due to the closure of government institutions, reservation opportunities for Dalits and backward people are closing. It seems that privatization is being done in the hope that reservation will go away. Is there any other way than the method of silent implementation of manuvadi doctrine?
  • Before 2014, what was the share of grant given by the central government to the central government schemes of the state? How much share is given after 2014?
  • *What was the average GDP growth of the country during the UPA government before 2014? What is the average growth for the last 8 years?
  • From 2004-05 to 2013-14, what is the amount of support prices given by the central government to agricultural produce grown by farmers? What was the price support given from 2014 to 2021-22? What was the country’s trade deficit before 2014? How much is it now? Who is Make India? Why has the amount of imports from China doubled?
  • Before 2014, how much was the value of the rupee against the dollar at an average of 58 rupees? Now it has dropped to 82.5 rupees, should it be Modi’s work to please the world? Where did India rank in hunger and poverty indices before 2014? In what position now?
  • Isn’t Modi the reason why India’s freedom index before 2015 has fallen from 75th to 111th by 2020? How many promises did Modi make to the people of the country from 2013-2019? How many of them have been fulfilled? Why has India’s position in global competitiveness declined from 40th in 2013 to 43rd by 2021?
  • Why did India’s happiness index drop from 117 in 2015 to 139 by 2021 in a World Organization survey? Who is responsible for this? Why has India’s position in global economic freedom dropped from 95 in 2015 to 105 by 2020? Why India’s position in Transparency International’s Global Corruption Index has fallen from 85 in 2014 to 86 by 2020? Shouldn’t Modi be responsible for this?
  • According to the World Economic Forum, isn’t Modi the reason why India fell from 114th position in 2014 to 2021 position in the Global Gender Gap Index? According to the World Economic Forum, India’s 40th rank in global economic competitiveness in 2017 will fall to 68th position by 2020. Isn’t Modi’s BJP government the reason?
  • Who is responsible for India falling from 74th position in 2013 to 85th position by 2021 in passport index? Modi’s administration is not the reason for the decline of the dignity of Indians due to this? Wasn’t Modi the reason why India fell from 78th position to 103rd position in World Economic Forum’s capital index by 2017? Who is responsible for India’s health sector index falling from 103rd position in 2015 to 120th position by 2020 according to Bloomberg surveys? Wasn’t it because of Modi that India fell from 110th in 2016 to 120th by 2021, below Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, on the Sustainable Development Index?
  • Wasn’t it Modi who completely failed in the management of Covid and drowned the people of the country in the sea of ​​death? Has the country forgotten that Modi is one of the 5 worst leaders who have handled Covid the worst globally by international newspapers? Have you forgotten Yeddyurappa? How many small, medium and cottage industries existed before 2014? How many are there now? percent Who is the reason why 60 percent of the companies are closing down, coming to the point of closing down?

The country is stuck in misery because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who acts as a benefactor to others. However, people have to decide what to call Yeddyurappa, Bommai and the BJP who give orders not to criticize them?