Siddaramaiah: Modi should apologize to people for lying about Karnataka: Siddaramaiah

Bangalore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are working only as election agents of BJP instead of working for the country. Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah alleged that the wealth stolen from the people of our state is being spent on election campaigns instead of spending on deadly diseases like flood, drought, covid and development works and welfare of the people.

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He has given a press statement about this and said that whenever Modi comes to the state, he is doing injustice to the people by not giving a fair share of the taxes and surcharges collected from the people of Karnataka. In the previous budget speech, he said that the Modi government has stolen 4.75 lakh crores of wealth from our state and is giving only 37 thousand crores as tax share, which is unfair and I have provided documents about this.

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Modi, who has never let up his breath, recently lied in New Delhi’s Karnataka Bhavan Amrita Mahotsaha and Barisu Kannada Dindimava program that he has given a lot of grants to the railways and highway projects of Karnataka and increased the grants, how much more than the UPA government led by Manmohan Singh.

Like Modi is telling everywhere, he is lying about our state as well. There are people who think they are smart in Karnataka, who forget that they are speaking based on documents. So what is the reality? asked that.

According to the documents officially published by the central government, the length of national highways constructed in Karnataka by the Congress-led UPA government in 9 years from 2005 to March 2014 is 2334 km. The total length of national highways constructed by the Modi-led BJP government from 2014 to 2022 is only 1479 km.

When it comes to railways, the UPA government led by Manmohansingh had constructed 301 km of railways in its 9 years. Modi’s government has built only 291 km. About 18 railway projects are in progress in our state. 14-15 thousand crores are needed for this. These projects include Tumkur Rayadurga, Tumkur- Davangere routes.

These projects are the gifts given by Manmohan Singh when he was the Prime Minister. These are either pending or at a snail’s pace without adequate funding and land not being handed over by the Forest Department. They are saying that they have given money to the railway projects of Karnataka as elections are coming this year.

But they have provided some grants for projects applicable to other states like Londa-Meeraj, Hospet-Vasco etc. The central government has nothing to do with the taxes, surcharges and grants allotted to us. In 2013-14, the budget size of the Center was Rs 16.65 lakh crore. At that time, total grants of 30310 crores were received including tax share and central government schemes. The budget size of the Center has increased to Rs 45.01 lakh crore in 2023-24. But it is estimated that only 49 thousand crores will come to the state. The budget size has increased almost 3 times, even if we look at it, our state should have been 85-90 thousand crores till Modiji? He asked that.

Why do you lie and try to put flowers on the ears of the decent people of Karnataka when the truth is so clear? Are this level of lies worth your degree?
The Manmohan Singh government collected Rs 3.5 thousand crore from Karnataka through tax on petrol-diesels in its last year. But your government has collected 35 thousand crores per year in the name of cesses with the evil intention of paying a share if it is collected as tax.

Earlier, our state used to collect tax and spend it. Now looting is being done in the name of GST. Yet we are being betrayed by not giving our fair share. 1.3 lakh crore in GST and 1.83 lakh crore tax share is being given to Uttar Pradesh which collects direct taxes. They say that they will give a share of only 37 thousand crores to Karnataka, which pays 3.72 lakh crores in taxes. He accused Karnataka of doing the demonic work of cutting the udder and sucking the blood of a cow to give milk.

3191 km highway in Gujarat, 4259 km in Uttar Pradesh, 12069 km in Maharashtra were constructed during your 9 years of administration. But how much was built in Karnataka? 1479 km only. Even Modiji, lying that we have crowned Karnataka despite doing so much injustice will bring glory to your post?

You have not dared to answer our questions. You have only talked about road, railway and tax share. You have lied as much as the universe. Farmers who grow crops like onion, turmeric, coconut, areca nut, pepper, togari, paddy, millet, corn etc. in Karnataka are facing severe hardship due to lack of price. Immediately announce a suitable relief package to address their plight. Also, the rates of tolls on the roads of Karnataka have increased by two times and three times in a few days. They should be canceled immediately. Government corruption is on the rise. He has demanded that a proper investigation be carried out on it.

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