Siddaramaiah: Let BJP do whatever yatra it wants; Don’t make people go to hell: Siddaramaiah sparks

BENGALURU: Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Siddaramaiah said that before the Sankalpa Yatra, the BJP should give what is due to the people of the state fairly and bring some peace in the lives of the people.

He has released a press statement about this and said, “Let the BJP do whatever yatra they want.” But don’t just make a yatra that creates hell for people. The state BJP government continues the ‘Jana Sankalpa’ yatras. He said that it is ridiculous and a shocking betrayal to conduct Jana Sankalpa Yatras when the government has no commitment to take the state towards development.

The state BJP government has no resolve on many issues. The center should be forced to protest if necessary and bring fair grants to the state and allocate it for the development of the state. Tragically, the BJP, which claims to be a double-engine government, has not a single MP who can stand up to the Modi-led central government and speak boldly for the state.

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Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman represents the state but her time is running out in planning where Karnataka can be wronged. Now, neither the Chief Minister of the state government nor any other minister has the strength to deal boldly with the central government. Prahlad Joshi said that he is spending time thinking how he can criticize me.

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If we look at the progress of the central government projects for the year 2022-23, it will be understood to what extent the determination of the state is. 20,352 crores this year the central government had to give to the state for centrally funded schemes. However, according to the government records, only Rs 5083 crore was collected by the end of October. (25 percent) has been released only. Three quarters of the financial year is already over. He said that neither the Chief Ministers nor the Ministers of the BJP government of the state have taken any decision to stand before the Center and bring grants to the state.


Highlights of the press release!

  • The central government has not yet released a single rupee grant to the departments under several centrally awarded schemes. For example, it said it would release Rs 473 crore to the housing department. However, the government has given a document that no grant has been released.
  • The government website says that the Center has not released even a single rupee to the Backward Classes Department. 59.22 crore was due to the higher education department. But, what was given was zero rupees.
  • It was expected that the state would receive a grant of Rs 346 crore for the social welfare department. However, only Rs 7 crore has been released so far. 613 crores is expected to come to the agriculture department alone. Only Rs 136 crore has been released so far. Agriculture and Social Welfare Departments are being handled by Shobha Karandlaje and Narayanaswamy who were selected by the state. It seems that they have decided not to give the grants to the state. Otherwise, they would not have given the grants?
  • Higher Education Minister Ashwattha Narayan was the Deputy Chief Minister of the state. Modi government has insulted his higher education department by not giving a single rupee. Also, the state BJP government is repeatedly complaining about the skill development department. (Our government has established this department and given sufficient grants and provided training and employees) But according to the government website, the center which was supposed to give 472.5 crores for skill development and livelihood has given only 3.68 crores so far.
  • 2152 crores were to be paid to the Department of Health and Family Welfare. Only Rs 382 crore has been given. only
  • 1431 crores should be given by the Central Government to the Department of Primary and Secondary Education. However, the state government records say that not even a single rupee has been released so far. However, the minister of this portfolio of the state is spending time in controversial statements.
  • 66 crores to the Water Resources Department. Had to give. Not a single rupee has been paid so far. If the state government is really determined, it should have protested the cheating the center is doing to the state and release every penny due to the state. The state government’s determination is corruption, nepotism, commission rigging, appointment of government posts, transfer, promotion, etc. BJP governments only have determination to show how much corruption can be done, but they have no determination to do the welfare of the people.
  • The BJP government’s commitment to lying has probably achieved a level that no civilian government can say. Although there was an agreement to receive 1.5 lakh crores in the global investor conference, they lied that 9.82 lakh crores will come. Newspapers like “The Hindu” have exposed the lies of the government.
  • The price of coconut and coir in the state is falling at the same rate. Nut, coffee and pepper growers are also in trouble. As stated by the state government itself, the crop grown by the farmers of the state has been damaged in 1.36 crore acres of land in the last five years. 2.62 lakh houses were damaged. But till now the farmers have not been adequately compensated. Central and state governments have become bankrupt to the extent that they have sought help from the World Bank knowing that the central government will not provide relief. So where did the tax money that was being stolen from the people go? Will BJP’s thirst for corruption be quenched?

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When will the pothole be closed?
The number of bullet deaths on the roads of Bangalore and the state continues to rise. Karnataka ranks second in the number of deaths due to accidents in the country. The government does not even have the ability to cover the potholes of the roads. Newspapers reported that children in 15 districts of the state are yet to be given uniforms. Siddaramaiah lamented that students are not getting adequate scholarships.