Siddaramaiah, H. Vishwanath is of the same blood: C.T. Ravi lashed out

Bangalore: Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah and Legislative Council Member H. Both Vishwanath are of the same blood. H. on the issue of Siddaramaiah being raw. Ask Vishwanath himself BJP National General Secretary C.T. Ravi said.

Speaking at the Vidhana Soudha on Monday, he attacked Siddaramaiah saying that CT Ravi is looting Ravi and I can’t be called Sidda Pedda.

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If it rhymes with the loot of CT, it can be called Sidduna Pedda. The Kempanna Commission was formed to bring out the truth. Kempanna Commission was not formed to take TA, DA. If you want to loot the city, what should they be called? Grandsons of Satya Harishchandra? The table was punched. I have said carefully what I have to say. Ask others as hard as you asked me, he said.

I have seen the humor of socialists. C.T. said that smell cannot be covered by knocking cents. Ravi exclaimed.

I still stand by the Cole scam statement. I told the media carefully behind the platform of Janaspandan Samavesh. I made that statement in the presence of the Chief Minister, which means that the case should be investigated. He said that he will leave it to every public church that gives publicly.

Responding to the issue of using crude words against Siddaramaiah, I have already left this issue for public debate. In all these years of experience, I have never backed down. I am not talking about raw vegetables. A word from Mysore. Ask Vishwanath about that, they both have the same blood. I’m not saying I didn’t say it, you have a responsibility too. He said let’s see what the answerers give.

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No one agrees with the use of that word about Siddaramaiah: H. Vishwanath

Siddaramaiah against CT Ravi’s use of harsh words, Vidhan Parishad member H. Vishwanath said that the use of that word about Siddaramaiah is not acceptable to anyone. Both the national parties are using the word Dhammidiya, Takattu Idiya. He shouted that the clan is spoiling the Kannada language itself.

Politicians should be careful with the words they use when they speak. Kiwi Matu said that the people of the country are noticing that our words are also uncultured just as they used to call others uncultured.

CT that Siddaramaiah and H. Vishwanath are the same blood. Regarding Ravi’s statement, then I and Siddaramaiah are the only human beings. CT Ravi is also human. Everyone is human. Everyone’s blood is the same. He said that one should not say something in the rush of talking.

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