Siddaramaiah Government has no snake in the basket, just ‘Bus.. Bus..’ play: Siddaramaiah demands investigation into all corruption cases

Bengaluru: Opposition leader Siddaramaiah has challenged that all corruption cases in the state should be investigated under the supervision of sitting High Court judges.

Speaking at Vidhansouda on Tuesday, he said that the Bitcoin scam, illegal recruitment of PSI, illegal recruitment of teachers, 40% commission scam and illegal recruitment of KPTCL should be investigated.
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If there was corruption during our government, then why was BJP, the opposition party, silent? Now, unable to answer our questions, they are asking whether corruption took place during the Congress government. He expressed outrage that this was not an answer.

I have also welcomed the Chief Minister’s statement that he will investigate the encroachment of the lake, now I am going one step further and saying that there should be a judicial investigation into all the appointments, corruption and irregularities during the tenure of the governments from 2006 to 2022. What more can be said? He alleged that there is definitely no snake in the government’s basket, they are just playing a drama.
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Many job seeking young people of the state are protesting at Freedom Park. I have come to meet him today. Some of them have written the exam for various posts like Police, Engineer, SDA, and others have prepared for the exam. They are protesting that two and a half lakh posts in the government have been sanctioned and are left unfilled, they should be filled.

We don’t have the power to get jobs by paying bribes, our parents have given us grains like rice, wheat, pulses grown from our house. He has expressed outrage that he should take this and give him a job.

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In the recruitment of police department posts in our state, the maximum age limit is 25 years for general category candidates and 27 years for OBC candidates. It is higher in other states. He said that the job seekers who are protesting that this age limit should be removed in our state too, have requested them to put pressure on the government.
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I have assured him that I will bring this matter to the attention of the government when I speak in the House about the PSI scam. Corruption is rampant today. If we raise this issue, they will answer irresponsibly that there was corruption in your time too. If corruption was going on during our government, then what were you doing in the opposition party? He questioned.

The job seekers do not have money to bribe the government, so they tie the crops like rice, millet, corn grown by their parents in a bag and hand it over to me through the chairman and deliver it to the government and the chief minister.
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If the government has proper records about corruption in recruitment during our government, let it be investigated. Submit all recruitments including PSI, teacher recruitments from 2006 to date for judicial investigation. He challenged that all illegalities and corruption should be investigated.

During the tenure of our government, we have not done any work of damming or encroachment of a single lake. Let me say this out loud. If there is a snake in the basket of this government, let it be investigated. He said, “I have welcomed the decision to investigate yesterday in the House.”