Siddaramaiah, Can you listen to Rahul Gandhi’s speech for 2 minutes without falling asleep?: Sriramulu

Bangalore: Can you listen to Rahul Gandhi’s speech during the Bharat Jodo Yatra for two minutes without falling asleep? By asking that, Minister Sriramulu has stepped on the feet of Opposition leader Siddaramaiah.

Minister Sriramulu has tweeted about this, I have a simple question for former Chief Minister Hon’ble Mr. Siddaramaiah. Can you listen to your Congress youth leader Shri Rahul Gandhi’s speech during the Bharat Jodo Yatra for two minutes without falling asleep? Almost all the Congress leaders have maintained their political existence by chanting Modi’s name all day long. You are no exception to this. Are you ready to give a speech without naming Modi and BJP for just 1 minute? Asked that.
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You gave a speech in front of the people that I cannot increase the reservation for the SC/ST community anymore. Ramulu, who says that our government has done it, you are chanting my japa without being able to digest it. Remembering my name means that your political existence will remain. There is no objection. I have not had blood for only 7 years. My self-respecting people of Bellary have given me blood, power and authority from the day of my birth till now. Unless I am criticizing you politically, I cannot stoop as low as you do and show your poor taste. That’s not my character either.

Also, before questioning me, it was a decades-long demand that reservation should be increased for the SC/ST community. After Devaraj Aras, did you not think that you should increase the reservation when your followers shout that I am a successful CM? He said, no matter how much you are a tiger, a ram and a bat. Before asking about my blood, if you had told a little in front of the people which grave your blood belonged to, your dignity would have had more weight. You have a reputation for taking political criticism to a personal level. If I and our party leaders had campaigned in Badami one more time in the 2018 assembly elections, there would have been no one to ask you for 5 years. Although Tinkadi won by a thousand retail votes, the miscreant did not stand alone. Marihabba is coming.
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I can criticize in lower language than you. But that is not my culture. BJP and Sangh Parivar have taught us not to cross the line of courtesy even when criticizing someone. Ramulu, who said that he has followed it without fail, said that it is not new for the BJP to march or fight. It is also present in our blood cells. From Bidar to Chamaraja Nagar, from Mangalore to Kolar, we organized the party by standing on the streets. They said that we are not the ones who wear shoes costing 10 thousand, Hoblot watch worth 1 crore, cooling glasses worth lakhs and walking.

Also, who could not take three steps with your failed leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi, but was forced to hold hands and pose for the camera? We or you are the ones who are struggling to survive, even if you are unable to step on the padayatra? We have no need to do politics by remembering your name. There is no need for it. We will go to the people and give speeches on the achievements of central and state government without mentioning your name. But what face do you keep? Criticized that.