Siddaramaiah: BJP believes in Manu Dharma, not in Constitution: Siddaramaiah criticizes

Siddaramaiah: BJP believes in Manu Dharma, not in Constitution: Siddaramaiah criticizes
Bangalore: BJP believes in caste system, Manu Dharma and Chaturvarna. Instead, Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah criticized that it is not above the Constitution.

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Speaking at the Constitution Day program held at KPCC office on Saturday, he said that where there is caste system, there is exploitation. The Sangh Parivar wants this to continue. Because of this, he has no faith in the constitution, he said.

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They are opposing the BJP’s position on the ground that the constitution is against it. When Vajpayee was Prime Minister, Ny. A Constitution Review Committee was formed under the leadership of MN Venkatachala. His government did not return to power, and attempts to revise or change the constitution ceased. Ananth Kumar Hegde, who was Modi’s cabinet minister at the centre, mentioned that he would change the constitution.

Sangh Parivar clients are using Ambedkar and Vallabhbhai Patel to oppose Gandhi and Nehru. Amish Shah also said that they will change the constitution. He said that the constitution drafting committee was formed by the Congress and the reason behind making the committee chairman was his vast legal knowledge.

Congress was committed to eliminating inequality. He believed in one country, one leader, one language, one ideology. Believers in dictatorship. For the country to survive, the constitution and democracy must survive. The country should be saved from degradation. BJP has no faith in constitution, social justice and democracy. CM Basavaraj Bommayi is talking about strength and power unnecessarily. He accused BJP of being against social justice and reservation.

BJP is not in favor of social justice. Some have joined BJP for selfish reasons without knowing about this. BJP is shedding crocodile tears over Ambedkar. Constitution is the property of the country. The Sangh Parivar is trying to dominate it. He called us to stop this.