Siddaramaiah appeals to governor to reject prosecutions

Bangalore: Opposition leader Siddaramaiah has appealed to Governor Thavar Chand Gehlot to reject the Supreme Court ruling on the conversion ban.

In a press statement, he alleged that “the BJP government of the state, which is constantly shrouded in corruption and corruption, is going to enact the Karnataka Religious Right Protection (Prohibition) Convention by an ill-advised gesture of disturbing religious sentiment.”

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“I appeal to the honorable governor of the state to reject the Karnataka Religious Rights Protection (Prohibition of Conversion) Act, which is aimed at intimidating and harassing the minority community.”

Is the prohibition of conversion prohibited in the state by an ordinance?

Our law is able to prevent forced conversions through lure, pressure and intimidation. So what is the need for the new Act? What are the good intentions of the Act, apart from the misconduct of harassing and harassing minorities? That is.

No true adherent of the Hindu religion of coexistence-goodwill has insisted on such an unnecessary act, nor is it acceptable. This is the agenda of the political Hindutva of the Sangh Parivar. This should be condemned by all the fellow Hindu Hindus.

The country has witnessed an attack on the minorities and their places of worship, which the BJP came to power. The people of the state are embarrassed by the attacks on churches in Karnataka. Is Bommayi the weapon of passage for the perpetrators of such an attack by the hasty conversion ban? That is.

The Constitution gives the right to free will. There is a law to prevent conversions other than this. Does the State Department have no faith in the Police Department and the Judiciary providing false-confessional justice to the existing law? He said.

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The Congress party will not allow the abuse of the Karnataka Religious Right and Protection Act. Siddaramaiah has warned that our party will stand with every minority relative who is being harmed and our party will hold a rally against the act.