Share of Fertilizer Subsidy Dealers?: Subsidy Not Reaching Farmers; Extortion on the pretext of war in Ukraine!

Nagaraju Ashwathth, Bangalore Rural
Bengaluru Rural: Farmers are not getting the benefit of the subsidies announced by the central government so that the increase in the price of fertilizers due to the Russia-Ukraine war should not affect the farmers. Although the government has fixed the maximum selling price, traders are charging more than that.

2.5 lakh crore rupees to reduce the burden of farmers. Even though the subsidy is announced, it is not availed. Traders are getting double price on the pretext of this war in the market. In various parts of the state, including Bangalore countryside, Kolar, Bellary, a bag weighing 50 kg is being charged at least Rs 400 to Rs 1000 extra.
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2500.65 per 50 kg bag for DAP fertilizer. It is giving subsidy and has fixed the rate to be given to the farmers at Rs 1350 per 50 kg bag. However, DAP fertilizer in the state is Rs 1600 to 2000. Getting For 20:20, 16:20 complex fertilizers, the government will pay Rs. 1500, 1600 each. 1400 to 1470 to the farmers by giving subsidy. fixed

1600 to 1700 rupees for the complexes in the market. Selling at cost. Now the government is charging Rs 266 for every 45 kg bag of urea. fixed 800 per bag as subsidy. The government is paying and the brokers are getting Rs 350 to Rs 400 from the farmers.
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No price list displayed
Although there are rules to display the price list of different fertilizers in fertilizer shops not only in rural areas but also in cities, most of them are not following it. For those who questioned whether it is the additional price, they are creating an artificial depression by saying that there is a shortage of fertilizer on the pretext of war. Thus, farmers are feeling the brunt of the price hike.

Vigilance is a toothless snake
As the agriculture minister in the state, whenever the top officials complain about the irregularities in the distribution of fertilizers, they turn to the intelligence department. In addition, the intelligence officers are cracking the illegal network across the state and giving a favorable environment for agriculture. However, Kolar’s farmer woman Nalini Gowda has expressed outrage that the intelligence agency is a toothless snake and the officials are acting blindly to avoid any irregularities.
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How much subsidy? (per 50 kg/ in Rs.)

  • Fertilizer -Sales price- Subsidy
  • DAP- 1350- 2500.65
  • Urea -266- 800
  • SSP- 575-640 -375.65
  • MOP- 1700 -759.3

Although the central government claims to have given subsidy, farmers are being extorted in the name of fertilizer at the local level.
Satish Secretary, Raitha Sangha, Bangalore Rural
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Grants equal to the state budget are being given to the farmers in the form of central government subsidy. Farmers can complain to the authorities if they get more than the fixed rate in any district.
B. C. Patil is the Agriculture Minister