Sadan Swarasya: Siddaramaiah said that sometimes I lie, I am not 100% honest.

Bangalore: I lie sometimes, not 100% honest. This is what Siddaramaiah, the leader of the opposition, said.

Yes.. Speaking during the discussion on rain damage in the assembly on Tuesday, he cracked jokes like this. Minister JC Madhuswamy stepped in during the discussion Siddaramaiah, Madhuswamy was the first to tell the truth. Madhuswamy shouted referring to the audio issue that he said that the government is not going to be managed.
Bengaluru Rains: Rain damage threatens brand Bengaluru name: Siddaramaiah
To Madhuswami’s question, “Do you lie now and then?”, “I lie once in a while.” I am not 100% honest. Once in a while there will be a case of lying. Sometimes you have to lie for good. But for me, Siddaramaiah said, I should not lie for political gain.

Encroachment should be cleared and canals should be widened
In many parts of Bangalore, people have requested me to give them fair compensation when they went to observe the floods. The main reason for the problem when it rains here is the encroachment of the royal canals and the presence of smaller canals. On the same occasion, Siddaramaiah demanded that the government should take these seriously and clear the encroachment and widen the canals immediately.

The government has made a law to provide houses for purchase to squatters. This makes it as if the government has given assistance to the illegality. A total of 1953 encroachment cases were detected and 1300 encroachments were cleared during our government. If the remaining 653 encroachments had been cleared, such a large amount of damage would not have occurred. He said that there is no connection from one lake to another, the lakes are filled with silt, so when it rains, there is a problem.
There is a possibility of rain damage in the House: Congress is preparing to attack the government by mentioning Bengaluru floods
Before 2007 Bangalore city area was 225, later it became 800 due to addition of 225 villages. Due to this, the newly joined villages do not have drinking water, sewerage, or canals, so the problem is arising. I am not going to tell you how many times the State High Court has reprimanded the state to repair potholed roads in Bangalore city. Appropriate compensation should be given to the victims who lost their homes, he said, if the infrastructure of Bangalore is not developed, the luster of the city will be affected.

IT, BT have written a letter to the government saying that they have lost 250 crores due to rains, if the infrastructure is not improved, we will shift the companies elsewhere, to which a government minister has threatened the companies. This should not happen again. Siddaramaiah said that the state government should take the flood situation seriously and urge the district in-charge ministers to come forward and carry out relief work.